Newborn baby girl found dead in Ibaraki parking lot


Police said Friday that a newborn baby girl, with its umbilical cord still attached, was found dead in an apartment parking lot in Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture.

According to police, a man who was walking by the parking lot, noticed bloodstains on the ground, TBS reported. After following the trail of the bloodstains, he found the infant's body face down beside a shed in the corner of the parking lot.

Police said the child was naked and there were no external signs of injury on the body.

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poor little girl... what a horrible debut to this world. I hope they find the mother, and punish her appropriately.

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Abortion is low in Japan, because people prefer to abort their kids when they aren't foetuses anymore.

How sad.

Even if you were an irresponsible parent and didn't want to or couldn't keep a baby, you could still do one "not the worst" thing instead of killing him/her this way: leave the baby to an institution. Let him/her live, for any reason!

Make a parenting licence law, damn it!

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I'm freekin tired of reading articles like this and I hope in the near future I wont have to. 'New born baby found safe in baby capsule' or 'Influx of new born babies being adopted by caring families'... are headlines and stories I'd like to read.

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Me and my wife want to adopt a baby girl and its so difficult yet people are so willing to throw away their children as if they were refuse. It's disgusting. I truly have no hope for anyone anymore.

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abortion should be free in the world. i hope its free in japan right? not sure, anyways i support abortions. better than leaving 'em die on the streets

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I think it is somewhat included in med insurance, but is somewhere between 10 mahn and 50 mahn (1-5 thousand us dollars) in co-payments, depending on place, after-care, complications etc. 10 mahn might be low.

But some pple have no insurance, even in jpn...

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LH10 - Abortion is NOT free, or even subsidized, in medical insurance. Either is pregnancy (although there are subsidies from the government), just for your information. The only exception would be if it puts the mothers life in immediate danger, then I believe it is included in medical insurance.

The thing about abortion in Japan also, is you cant have one "just because you want one." You need to be able to meet some criteria - for example you will be unable to financially or emotionally support a child, or will be a single mother, etc.

The procedure alone can cost between 8-20 man, depending on where you go. After that there are the drugs, stays in hospital if necessary, etc.

The sad thing about this is, it could all be prevented if Japan opened its doors to alternative forms of contraception, like the pill, coil, or contraceptive injection. I hope that soon, Japan starts to consider these other options.

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baby girl, with its umbilical cord still attached,

"its" - can we give HER a little dignity?

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JannettoNov. 03, 2012 - 12:50PM JST

"its" - can we give HER a little dignity?

They never said if the baby had been stillborn or not.

From the looks of it, the cops should look for a pale looking Japanese teenager/college age complaining about fever. They didn't mention a placenta also being found, but a baby with cord, which is likely a recent birth. Unless the mother already went to a doctor after the birth, we might end up hearing about a young girl found dead in her apartment from septic shock.

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This in inhumane act seems to happen weekly in Japan. And there is no excuse for the murder of an innocent baby. And this is murder.... Sickening to know any mother can do this....

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@Lowly @____@ 5000$?! it should be 500$ geez docs only care bout money.


what the ^%&%^ " meet some criteria" ?! lol well no wonder mothers here kill babies or leave em. they were probably scared, shocked, desperate, didn't know what to do. i'm getting real disappointed with japan. "if Japan opened its doors" exactly! its japan's gov fault for many things going wrong over there. they are closed minded those gov people. they don't care bout the citizens T_____T I CALL FOR A RIOT ^O^/

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