Newborn boy left on pavement in Mie


A newborn boy was left on a pavement in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, on Friday morning, police said.

According to police, the naked infant, with his umbilical cord still attached, was found on the pavement by a male motorist at about 7:30 a.m, TBS reported. The child was taken to hospital and is in a stable condition, doctors said.

Police are looking for the person or persons who abandoned the newborn.

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Lucky to be alive! Pretty cold in Mie at 7:30am. What sort dumb-ass would leave the kid there naked? At least he was not tossed into a train station rubbish bin.

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poor little fighter.. Lets hope when they DO find these people/person, they will never be reunited with this child. And they are convicted as if they had murdered him, because thats what they tried to do.

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Probably some young teen with no clue about what to do

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Good grief, how horrible. Naked, on the street? What a start to life.

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Don't they have a designated 'no questions asked' place to leave the babies? This is a self proclaimed dignified, developed, first world country we talking about.

toilets and pavement...

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OMG. What will become of the baby?? Will he be put up for adoption? Where can I go/who can I ask to inquire? I actually would like to adopt him if he is going to be a child lost in the system. He is in some serious need of love.

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I hope it wasn't what it sounds like which is they left the kid in the st to be run over. Leaving them at all is bad enough.

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With the umbilical cord still attached.. I hope for the baby boy sake, he will be adopted by a loving family and is never allowed to meet the biological mother. This is beyond post-partum depression issues, more like an attempted infanticide. I hope they find the mother and jail her for almost killing this newborn baby.

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For future baby abandoners, cover up the little one with warm blankets and put him/her in a SAFE place where the baby will certainly be found and turned in.

Better yet of course, drop him/her off at the baby hatch in Kumamoto or put the little one up for adoption.

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With watery eyes I thank God for sending this angel motorist to assist this little baby just in time, and thanks for staying his mother hand from doing even greater harm to him. Being born is traumatic for all of us, but this little baby endured more than most of us did, so I take off my hat to him.

I don't know if I will be able to teach empathy, compassion, responsibility and ethics to my daughter, but I will be sure to teach her where and how to properly abandon her baby if she finds herself in this situation.

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I find your last sentence really strange...Why not teach her about birth control methods in stead of "where and how to properly abandon her baby"?

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Impersonator: God has nothing to do with this.

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I sincerely hope that they do NOT find the person who did this. They do not deserve being reunited. And for the kids safety.

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The mother, in either her extreme ignorance, callousness, or cold calculation, guaranteed instant attention would be paid to her infant son...

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Wow! The baby is lucky to be alive!! I also hope he gets adopted by a loving family and hope he never learns how he came into this world!

Poor motorist - I bet he will worry for the rest of his life about this baby...

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And yet another 'argument' in favor of baby-hatches. I hope the police don't go too far out of their way to find the person(s) responsible -- give the child to a loving family and let the natural parents never see him again.

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this seems to be a recurring problem in Mie...

On Aug. 6 a baby's corpse with the umbilical cord still attached was discovered in a plastic bag at a refuse collection station in Mie Prefecture. A 24-year-old woman who lived nearby was later arrested. She had given birth to the baby about a week earlier.

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You know Smith my friend we agree sometimes :)

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I'd agree with Smith and Yuri, except I have no idea if the father was a willing partner to this abandonment. Certainly the mother should never see the child again, but without further information I'm not willing to condemn the father to the same fate.

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why is it in japan its tolerate as poor teen who cant handle having a kid. I don't think so in the west old enough for sex old enough for the consequences of what comes next...

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They should make sure the woman gets found simply for her own safety. Chances are the mother didn't give birth with trained assistance, and there's always the chance for septic shock or bleeding out.

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