Newspaper deliveryman stabbed by ice pick in Hiroshima


A 66-year-old newspaper deliveryman was attacked by a man who stabbed him at east 10 times with an ice pick in Hiroshima on Wednesday morning. The victim sustained serious injuries but is in a stable condition, police said.

According to police, the attack occurred at around 3 a.m. in Naka Ward. Fuji TV reported that the deliveryman was riding his bicycle, when a man came up to him and hit him on the head with a blunt object, knocking him off his bike. The assailant then stabbed him repeatedly in the chest with an ice pick.

The victim got up and was found collapsed about 700 meters away by a passerby, police said. He told police he did not know his assailant.

Police said they are examining street surveillance camera footage to try and identify the attacker.

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What is going on??

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Knives kills

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The deliveryman may have been confused as to why he was stabbed by a complete stranger. Luckily, he has narrowly escaped death anyway. The chances were that the ice pick had missed his vital organs. Hope he will recover as soon as possible.

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They walk among us.

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Police said they are examining street surveillance

Armchair detective here: maybe do a crawl of the snack bars in the area and check for a missing icepick

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wow... icepicks are in style again. Damn shame. Hope he recovers fully.

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