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NHK faces terror scare for second day


Public broadcaster NHK faced a terror scare for the second straight day on Monday when it received an envelope containing what resembled a rifle bullet, the network said. The package reached the station's headquarters in Tokyo by mail in the evening with the bullet-like object attached to a piece of paper, NHK said.

"We have sent the bullet-like metal to the Metropolitan Police Department for examination," a police spokesman said.

On Sunday, an explosion went off at the entrance of a regional NHK branch in Fukuoka, but no one was hurt, police said.

The word "Sekihotai" was printed on the piece of paper, NHK said. Sekihotai was the name of an unknown group which has claimed responsibility for four firearms and home-made bomb attacks at facilities belonging to the influential newspaper Asahi in 1987 and 1988.

In one attack, a reporter was killed and another was injured when a masked man sprayed shotgun fire at a local Asahi bureau in Nishinomiya near Osaka.

No one has been arrested for the incidents but a middle-aged man has confessed to attacking the Nishinomiya bureau in a series of magazine articles in recent weeks. But Asahi has rejected the confessions as fictitious.

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Someone is not pleased with the NHK levies.

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Whats the motive?

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If this is actually linked to the Asahi attacks it is most likely to be extreme right wingers, who feel thaht the Emperor or his forefathers have been slighted or not painted in the rosey way they wish.

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Exactly right. What is the motive? There were obvious motives behind the rightist terrorist attacks on the Asahi. The Asashi was (and is) a prime target of rightist abuse. But what has NHK done to offend the right-wing? You will need to pop a few brain cells to try to come up with an answer. It fact, as a virtual mouth piece for the LDP and the emperor system NHK has done nothing that would offend even the worst right-winger.

I could be wrong, of course. But my guess is that this person is a typical loner who doesn't have a either a steady job or girlfriend and has some deep-seated obsession with a lost dog or something.

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It could be because NHK is actually very left-wing biased. Or at least that's the impression that I got a few years ago when I visited Japan.

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Didn't Japan just finish some anti-terrorism exercizes in Tokyo that are supposed to stop things like this?

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It's either an old coot with too much time on his hands, or a young coot with too much time on his hand and the internet to help him research the minutia of the case from way back when. Either way, people today have too much time on their hands. Case in point.

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Quote: “We have sent the bullet-like metal to the Metropolitan Police Department for examination.”

Yeah.., that'll make a big difference... A bunch of Keystones standing around staring at it for several minutes in silence until until one is brave enough to venture a breakthrough theory... "I think this is a bullet!"

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Aska: NHK is "very left-wing biased"? How so? NHK seems to be extremely middle-of-the-road. What, in your opinion exactly, is a "left-wing bias"?

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I thought, the fingerprinting at Narita and other airports would prevent us from terror? Time to think again.

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Too bad. These groups should have been infiltrated. Probably are. But get them for what? Mailing a bullet? What happened on the first day?

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If is 'golden bullet' than 'James Bond' must be visiting Japan.NHK you are rasing like stars on 'GOLDEN GLOBE' awards. Who is the winner so far? Someone doesn't like this organization. Please install bullet proof windows.

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But get them for what? Mailing a bullet?


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Not a lot of sympathy here for NHK, but I do hope that no one gets hurt by one of these psychotic fear mongers.

Results of the examined item are in. Police have determined that it is a bullet-like metal.

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