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Nintendo says server breached, but no data lost


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i believe what Nintendo says but i am sure they will contradict their statement within few days !

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Do we have to wait for double figure number of cases to say it might be a systematic attack on Japanese companies? But still, it might came from agitated gamers.

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I don't see what gain anyone would have from attacking japanese companies in such a way anyway.

Really, why would a professional hacker bother breaking into one of the most secure Server clusters of the world, only to steal credit card information and some embarassing personal passwords. If they wanted profit, they would choose easier ways and easier targets.

First Sony, then Nintendo, if anything this smells like a well funded smear campaign by Microsoft. I don't usually like to blame without proof, but Microsoft has earned my profound disrespect by being one of the most customer unfriendly and most agressively expanding companies of the past years, and a move like this would fit their past profile.

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@Kalamari add Honda to your list.Its really getting obvious that hackers are targeting Japanese companies.

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lulz isn't really "laugh out loud". lulz is used by internet trolls, usually to denote laughter to someone who has been pranked, hacked, etc.

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In the case that they are truly focusing on Japanese companies, it leads to wonder what they intend to accomplish. If they were going for industrial espionage then targeting user accounts (well possibly among other things) seems to yield little fruit.. I still believe there has to be a well paying sponsor for the attacks, for the only other reason I can see to attack these companies is to cause damage to their reputation/stocks.

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some14some: Maybe they are telling the truth... after all, hackers can copy data can they not? It would still mean that they stole data, but Nintendo can also say that "no data has been lost".... just copied (but still stolen).

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Hackers(Crackers original term) no longer work from their basement, they are now highly trained groups/experts that use insider info to make Millions from the info they steal by reselling it to Corporations. Most of them will now take orders to hit a target.

"Not stolen" could mean they had no read access to the data, common with a good/proper security set-up but the article is vague.

Article could also mean that the attempt was blocked on the networking level(1st level of defence). To early to form a definite opinion.

But information is the new drug and big money maker now.

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All these attacks lately should be taken as a wake up call. Companies need to do more to safeguard my personal information.

Maybe they were frustarted because nintendo hasn't relased any good games in a logn time? Even their latest installment of one of their classics (metroid) was garbage. Nintendo needs to drop the whole "wii" motion controller BS and get back to what they did best, making fun games. Stop trying to appeal to everyone and concentrate on the portion of yoru fanbase that made you famous and wants an actual good gaming experience.

I will admit, they haven't gone totally wrong with their DS. They relase more solid games on their DS then they do on the Wii.

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Citibank confirms data breach today. So rather than targeting J-companies, they might be targeting established companies.

Zenny11- they are now highly trained groups/experts that use insider info to make Millions

Looks like they also have a clear plan right now.

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