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Nissan Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa Image: AP file

Nissan CEO Saikawa got higher stock-linked bonus after payout date changed, Kelly says


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Let's put the Machiavellian in charge. What could go wrong?

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So, now with all the BS that has been going on with Ghosn, Saikawa should, at the minimum, be detained himself for questioning. If Kelley can produce any documentation regarding all these allegations, at the minimum it makes it appear that Saikawa may have lied to prosecutors when he talked about not knowing about any compensation after retirement.

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Well unlike some he has a lot of time to tamper/destroy evidence that would put him in a regrettable situation. He signed off on everything, so either he is complicit or it wasn't illegal. When something smells bad I check the bottom of my shoe just in case I stepped in a Nissan.

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 He (kelly) did not claim any illegality on the part of Saikawa or Nissan,


Notwithstanding - WHY is Saikawa still at the helm ??

Is this a death-wish Nissan has .??


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“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” at Ghosn.

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Snouts in the trough.

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Why is this lunatic and his nationalist cheerleader squad even on the board?

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In his first interview since his November arrest for alleged financial misconduct, Kelly told the Japanese monthly that Saikawa was due to get a stock appreciation rights (SAR) payment pegged to Nissan's share price on May 14, 2013, but got it based on a higher price a week later.

At the minimum, how did Saikawa and others become aware of the potential increase in stock prices, or was the price determined at a much later date when they, Nissan/Saikawa had data on the share prices, and then picked a date to determine the amount of compensation.

If the former is true, it means that someone inside knew the price was going to rise, and that suggests, or maybe implies insider knowledge/trading, which by itself would be enough to investigate by the Japanese authorities.

If the latter is true, then Nissan is playing games with compensation and governance is a VERY real issue, as compensation could be determined upon any given day in the past, when stock prices were at their highest, giving Saikawa more money, which also should be taxed accordingly.

It also raises questions about the claims made against Ghosn regarding his "future" compensation not being reported, as required by Japanese law. He is contending that the amount was not determined, hence not needing to report the amount. The same claim could be made against Saikawa as well, if the latter plays out too.

Either way, the Tokyo prosecutors, at a minimum, should detain Saikawa for potential perjury and financial misconduct (breach of public trust) as they did with Ghosn and Kelly

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Yubaru san

Yout bring up a valid point regarding how they knew about stock market pricing. They are defaming Ghosn, Kelly and destroying the company so the stock price can become undervalued and to buy it off Renault at a much cheaper price. Same thing happened with Mazda/Ford and Suzuki/VW fallouts they eventually bought the stocks at low prices.

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The increase usually happens when new models are announced and other propaganda

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You seem to be a very intelligent and interesting guy

I always tend to agree with your comments

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Arrest him and detain him for indefinite questioning....

For violation of securities regulations, insider trading, and corporate malfeasance!!

Oh, wait, he is a member of J Inc!!! Who rid a J Inc company of those darn foreign interlopers!!

Umm, never mind.

Give him an Order Of The Chrysanthemum and give him a lifetime exemption from any and all charges!!!

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Saikawa may well be a scumbag but that by itself does not make Ghosn a saint.

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seems like Saikawa may have his snout in the bucket also, when will the police detain him for questioning?

maybe a deep bow with an apology is enough since hes a Japanese CEO

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Hello everyone!

Guys let's not forget that Saikawa is Japanese and as a Japanese he is not going to be charged of any misdoings.

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“Saikawa may well be a scumbag but that by itself does not make Ghosn a saint.”

Nobody said he was. But I think we all agree with the first part!

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Nissan paid the rat ???. So, it was jealousy and greed after all. Nissan , I want my money back on those stocks.

This is accounting ???.Japanese style ???.

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