Ghosn's wife denounces restrictions on contacts

By Yuri Kageyama

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The whole family is being punished because prosecutors couldn't do a professional job, gather evidence but used a secret internal report from a company, couldn't get a confession and now spitefully put a whole family under pressure. They have had more than enough time to make a case. But seems they still need a confession any confession.

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Last month, Nissan announced it was slashing 12,500 jobs or about 9% of its global workforce to cut costs and achieve a turnaround.

No, no. That's so they will be able to afford the payout when they lose the court case and subsequent counter suit.

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Ghosn, arrested in November, is out on bail. He says he is innocent.

No need for the "he says" part: the man is innocent until proven guilty.

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She's right.

This persecution of this man and his family

without proof or basic rights, should be a wake up call to us all.

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Justice, you’re doing it wrong.

“without any explanation.” Why bother ay, just because. The eyes down, tight lipped face of cold malevolence.

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they sought the restrictions to prevent evidence tampering 

So far Ghosn can't enter his former office, while Saikawa and prosecutor can walk freely to that office, collect document that necessary.

So far the one that already convicted evidence tampering is Tsunehiko Maeda and he supposed to be law enforcement.

"This cruel separation with no end in sight is further evidence of his persecution under Japan's hostage justice system. It is a vicious retaliation designed to break him," Carole Ghosn said 

If this can happen to high profile figure like Ghosn, how about ordinary people? How many execs from Japanese Insurance have been indicted for insurance sales fraud so far?

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Prosecutors have said they sought the restrictions to prevent evidence tampering and collusion to create false narratives.

Yet, the prosecutors can just have at it with the evidence tampering, eh?

I can't wait for the day when this all implodes and Ghosn is free to tell the world about the gross injustices that he endured.

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After all this time and still, being unable to get in contact with your spouse simply because the prosecutors can't do their job properly.

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The whole family is being punished because of Ghosn's own wrongdoings.

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Terrible indictment of bureaucracy and Japanese justice system.

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dude should of took a deal, did some probation, and then write a book about it, get your revenge that way, with civil suites. and get the hell out of japan, stop fooling himself they will come over to his side.

I respect his struggle and perseverance. I just dont see it working out for him. He is dealing with something

much bigger than what he thinks.

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Carole Ghosn said Tuesday the family's fifth appeal to gain visitation rights was refused by a Tokyo court without any explanation.

That is because the court does not have any reason or explanation for this human rights breach.

Japanese judges are only rubber stampers as to what the prosecutor demands.

Just keep applying and applying with more international attention brough onto this pathetic justice system.

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Nissan will go bankrupt before Goshn is freed.

"Confess, confess, confess."

We all learned that this was not justice but torture that you did not even want for your enemy.

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Many years ago, a Japanese prosecutor told me that during WW2 hewas "in charge" of western allied POW's.

He was a prosecutor who dealt with cases involving "foriegners", (it would seem that the prosecutors of is split into two sections - domestic and "international").

In my mind, two peices of a jigsaw puzzle are starting fit together years later, leading to this appauling breakdown of the Japanese Constitution regarding law.

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That is a flimzy excuse. If the Japanese prosecutor has corroborated evidence of a crime how would allowing contact with family members impact that. The Japanese prosecutor's evidence is as flimzy as their excuse. The man is being held out of bigotus spite. At this rate conditions could get vindictively worse for Ghuson if the fortunes of Nissan continue to shrink. Arresting C. GHUSON is looking more and more an unfortunate Japanese kamikaze act.

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She's right. This is an action worthy of China or North Korea.

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This persecution of this man and his family without proof 

And what proof do you have the prosecutors would act "without proof" ?

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What exactly are "our basic human rights"?

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Japanese had better learn to communicate correctly. Always causing unhappiness and misunderstanding is not the correct way to live in any country. Doing anything without giving correct explaination to any case is not only abuse of human rights. It also shows that the country itself is very backwards and still in the 16 century.

This Carlos case had become very abusive in the eyes of every non-japanese and to the world. Japan had better know this. Nissan is cutting 12,500 workers, what does this action means ???. It means that nobody is buying Nissan anymore because of it's mean actions by saikawa. No good Japanese approve of saikawa's mean and bad action.

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So far Ghosn can't enter his former office, while Saikawa and prosecutor can walk freely to that office, collect document that necessary.

.... and Saikawa's wife can also walk around freely. Who knows, she could tamper with evidence (in order to protect her pitiful excuse of a husband - Saikawa).

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refused by a Tokyo court without any explanation.

In my books, not providing an explanation is bias by the court and therefore the judiciary is not compliant to providing a fair trial.

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Carole Ghosn said Tuesday the family's fifth appeal to gain visitation rights was refused by a Tokyo court without any explanation.

Scardy-cat cowardly custard J-judges.

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This situation is harming Japan's prospect as a place to do Business at a time when it badly needs external investment.

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I am sure there is strong evidence but they will not discuss this in public before trial. One loses all leverage and the accused can plan a rebuttal. This way, a surprise evidence will stun the accused and get caught. Let's see! No one is guilty until proven. No one starts a strong case unless one has strong evidence.

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Cruel and unnecessary punishment.

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From the NYTimes...

In a translated court filing reviewed by The New York Times, prosecutors argued that Mrs. Ghosn should not be allowed to meet with her husband because she had disparaged the Japanese legal system. 

This is revenge instigated by the prosecutors, pure and simple.

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