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Nomura fined Y200 mil for insider trading


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WTF...? No one going to Jail...? Insider trading is a CRIME, it's Fraud. In Civilized countries, People go to Jail for this. But then again what should we expect from a country that allows Organized Crime groups to operate freely.

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I agree, 200m is a spit in the bucket

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As long as the fine is larger than the profit they made.

Otherwise they'll reckon it's worth trying again.

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What's even crazier is that the 200m is a "record fine." Where I come from corporations are fined up to $25 million dollars, or roughly 10 times this fine. No wonder Japanese corporations do it!

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The whole system needs a fresh slap. Short memory too... Start throwing guys in the can for this...

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200 million yen...probably a days worth of work for Nomura. That,ll surely teach them

I agree seems small but Nomura is not really making money. They made something pathetic like 35 million USD in Q3 2012.

Also no on e went to jail because they all resigned - typically Japanese.

Local regulators continue to favour local comapnies and spank the foreign ones.

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200million LOL WTF, should be at least 2billion unless these fines become much larger and the threat of prison is imposed, then these fat cat execs will continue to do it. Japan has got to forget the "we dont want to cause too much suffering mentality" when these execs do these crimes the people who end up paying for it is the everyday citizen.

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200 million yen?

A mere slap on the wrist.

People who make money by simply shifting money around should be taxed, heavily.

But why stop there?

Gambling is (on paper anyway) illegal in this country.

Isn't speculation - buying and selling stocks and shares - just a form of gambling?

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Again? Didn't this happen about 15 years ago with Nomura?

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Maybe we should just accept the game is rigged and insider trading is just a matter of degree.

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The TSE said it was levying the penalty on the company, and ordering a “business improvement report” detailing what measures had been taken to prevent a repetition.

They obviously should instead by drafting a much stronger regulatory regime that criminalizes such conduct and imposes much larger fines.

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That's chicken feed fine.

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