Norwegian gunman wants to see Japanese psychiatrist


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The other is “unrealistic, far, far from the real world and shows he doesn’t know how society works,” Lippestad said

Perhaps this demand Only Japanese Psychiatrist can understand, arrange to bring him here instead of sending psychiatrist(s) there. He may transform into a different human within 30 days stay in Japan.

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"Norwegian gunman wants to be evaluated by Japanese psychiatrist"

Yes, of course you do and all the people you killed want their life back assclown!

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This guy is a nut job he should be hanged and not given anything

9 ( +10 / -2 )

Another reference to Japan! If he thought he liked the Japanese system so much why not move here? Easy enough for a blond, blue eyed guy to attract a wife and stay here. Mind you after scratching the surface of the system in Japan he might have preferred Norway after all.

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Slow news day, JT? C'mon now . . . is a nutjob's mere mention of the word Japan enough to make his comment newsworthy?

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He will just get some pills from the Japanese doctor and asked to look at beautiful flowers every day and on to the next patient.

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I'm always perplexed by how weirdo loners fall in love with some abstract self imagined version of Japan.

Every few years you'll read about some nut job who does some horrible act with a samurai sword (chops his mother in half) and then mumbles on about "bushido" and "samurai spirit".

What is it about "japan" that attract nut jobs? Is it that no one really understands what it is about?? Even the Japanese! Leaving it open to personal interpretation, and thus fitting in wonderfully with the delusional's hopes and dreams??

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I don't want this guy here in Japan. His crime or politician opinion has nothing to do with the Japanese culture, he would be the most hated man in Japan if he did that killing spree here instead.

This guy only connects some reference between japanese/korean cultures with his crime in his dark, twisted mind. Among my japanese friends, their also asking themselves why this killer connects himself to their culture and country - no one wants him here.

By simply talking, whatever he says in the media, he's not welcome here. Not by me, or the people of japan.

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the Japanese understand the idea and values of honor

Breivik is clearly insane.

10 ( +11 / -1 )

This guy is a moon bat on steroids! Now he wants to be evaluated by Japanese psychiatrists. Personally, I never knew Japan had any. I always thought they don't need them or rarely. Now all the news shows and the media will boast about how superior Japanese psychiatry is, because the nut asked for them.

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Boy is he in for a let down.

Nutjob Killer: Well doc, it's like this...(goes on for hours on end)

Japanese Doc: Ganbarre!

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Nutjob Killer: Well doc, it's like this...(goes on for hours on end)

Japanese Doc: You clazy!

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I have to think there are less psychiatrists in Japan per capita than any of the other industrialized countries. I'm not sure Japan wants this notoriety.

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Yeah they would "get him". They'd get him hooked on a number of anti-psychotic drugs and he'd be in a stupor 24/7. Be careful what you wish for, dude.

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Obvious answer...and I feel strangely at home here, too. :)

GG2141>What is it about "japan" that attract nut jobs?

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So this guy is all on about others 'invading' his culture, but wants to be evaluated by foreigners?

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Good luck trying to find one. Besides, for a racist, can't he understand that perhaps a Japanese doctor wouldn't want to work with HIM? Seems he knows very little about the health industry here.

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Nutjob Killer: Well doc, it's like this...(goes on for hours on end)

Japanese Doc: Here, have some pills.....NEXT!!

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“He claims the Japanese understand the idea and values of honor and that a Japanese (specialist) would understand him a lot better than any European would.”

ABB obviously went to the Wapanese Fanboi School of Japanology.

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i think he has seen the last samurai movie one too many times.

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There's no honor in killing children, especially unarmed children.

I think that applies to all cultures.

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The irony - He needs to learn that Japan does not welcome or want more foreigners over here... Plus, he does not deserve any special treatment. If they are going to send him anywhere, send him to an Islamic state. I am sure he will be treated fairly :)

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This the most bizarre article i have read in a long time

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I know a few guys named SMITH & WESSON who would love to have a brief chat with this ass clown! I'd be more than happy to make the introductions for him!

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Paulinusa is right. Psychiatrists are very sparse here. My friend is one she had to quit her job because she was overworked. Japanese system is that the family looks after patients or they blend into society. I don't think the killer has family here, and blond non-speakers don't really fit in. Also, most of my friends collegues can't speak English, so a Japanese Norwegian speaking psychiatrist is a bit of a tall order.

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What a weirdo, perhaps you can talk to the Aum cult leader or the Akihabara shooter for consultation..

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Why is the media even reporting his pathetic uneducated ideals..he shouldnt be given any media coverage or attention and just be locked or given the death penalty, focusing on his thoughts and ideals it will only encourage more uneducated lost souls to look up to him..

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Breivik claims he carried out the attacks as part of a network of modern-day crusaders—the Knights Templar

That's so interesting. Knight Templars are connected to Illuminati/Freemasons and their agenda is to steer human consciousness into disharmony by causing catastrophic events. This has false flag written all over it.

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Civilized countries don't issue a death sentence.

The police chief on scene didn't go through.

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He praised the Japanese in his manefesto (according to the news) for protecting their race from out of control immigration.

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Japan, US and a whole lot of other countries has the death penalty for your information..

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gotta agree with a lot of posters above. Japanese "psychiatry" has been reduced to pills, and a pat on the back accompanied with a heartfelt "gambatte ne"

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Capital punishment

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Knight Templar, Illuminati and Freemasons been debunked soo many times by now.

Might as well believe in the "Skulls"(Hollywood Movie series).

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@realdoll I think Zainichi Chinese, Koreans and the large amounts of gaijin living here may answer your question

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If he values Japanese ideals, he perhaps should consider seppuku honorable suicide for what he has done

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Well.... there's a fine vote of confidence for Japanese crisis management methods !

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I think he watched too many samurai movies.

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Nutjob Killer: Well doc, it's like this...(goes on for hours on end) Japanese Doc: You have nice blonde hair and your eyes are so blue. Please teach me English !

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LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL woooooow... This is soo ironic.. so wrong in so many ways... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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Man this guy is nuts, I wonder if maybe he did grow up here in Japan, he is clearly brainwashed enough to be!

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" Good luck trying to find one. Besides, for a racist, "

Can you guys stop the silly "racist" label already? Call the guy a nutcase, a sociopath, whatever. But there is nothing "racist" about his actions or his writings.

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Can you guys stop the silly "racist" label already? Call the guy a nutcase, a sociopath, whatever. But there is nothing "racist" about his actions or his writings.

Heaven forbid we attribute an incorrect flaw to him.

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@ WilliB,

you... can't be serious, right?

Hitler allied himself with the Japanese and the Italians, and some people from the Arab world. Are you going to say he wasn't a racist?

I know you are on some anti-Islam crusade conducted from your living room, but it's delusional to believe this guy isn't a racist. Nutcase? Sociopath? Those too. But yes, clearly also a racist.

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Very bizarre. Funny bit is a few of the consulars at the Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo are married to Japanese with gorgeous kids. I know a few of them. True on most posts...if any country needs proper shrinks it is this one. Don't even get me started on Korea but they speak English there.

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I don't understand why people are giving this creep the time of day. He knows very little about true Japanese beliefs and culture, he wouldn't last long here. Great if he gets his request for a Japanese psychiatrist because the guy will just sit there with a smile and say, 'hai..hai...hai', leave, and tell them to throw away the key! Honestly, leave him in solitary and THROW AWAY THE KEY!

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Man, I would be cringeing right now if I were Japanese.....

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Love to practice in Norway?

We are looking for Japanese psychiatrist who can read, write and speak fluent Norweigian, English and Japanese.

All expenses are paid by Norweigian government for unlimited stay, maybe forever, to provide mental counseling to one criminal with zillion charges.

Please submit your resume with your qualifications.

Best Regard,

The Norweigian Department of Justice

PS. We only accept Window format .

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I don't understand why people are giving this creep the time of day

Noone is giving him anything. Do you imagine he reads Japan Today? Many however are coming out of the woodwork here to express their "important opinions" about his sanity, motivation, appropriate punishment, etc.

It's all a huge waste of irreplaceable time, energy, and internet electrons.

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I think that the Norwegian government should fulfill his request by allowing him to receive treatment from a Japanese psychiatrist in a Japanese prison far away from his cozy Norwegian prison cell.

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Norwegian security and media should grill him on the Knights Templar if is just a piece of loose shit or if he is one of the Knights Templar. He killed many innocent people you don't think other Knights Templar wouldn't pick-up what this shit has left.

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What Breivik doesn't know is this.

Though there are many conscientious doctors in this country, generally speaking, medicine here is more of a business than a profession.

Since this country is made up of hierarchies, the medical business has its own.

At the top is the surgeon.

The surgeon makes the most money (both over and under the table) and has the most prestige.

Then come the ranks of specialists, GPs and ...

The psychiatrist.

I've taught English to several Japanese psychiatrists.

And what they tell me is this.

The hierarchical system is built around tests and the most difficult tests are for surgeons. At the bottom end is the psychiatrist.

Again, according to them, the psychiatrist is usually a person who wants to be some kind of doctor, but who can't get past any of the tests except psychiatry.

Psychiatry is usually an unpopular choice because a) no one ever gets cured, consequently, b) no one is ever grateful and so c) there are no perks, "omiyage" or the like.

And because it is unpopular, they will take almost anybody.

On the other hand, perhaps Breivik knows more than he seems.

He'd probably prefer being labeled "insane" and living to a ripe old age in a drug induced euphoria in an institution than dangling at the end of a rope, which is what he deserves.

Of course he's insane!

Who shoots 80 people in cold blood and isn't?

Whether he's sane or insane has nothing to do with it.

He deserves something a little more severe than a Japanese psychiatrist.

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Imagine he steps foot in Japan and suddenly realizes oh there's no Norwegians only Asians, how would his mentally disturbed state really cope, he might do the same thing in Japan.. Samurai films, anime, otaku sub culture wont be his true image when he comes and realizes that no one would like his personality here..

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If the jerk ever did make it here, I'm sure his blonde good looks wound ensure two things:

a) his arrival at Narita would be mobbed by young and middle-aged Japanese women, putting the welcome given to the likes of Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp to shame, and b) he'd manage to find time to tape a TV commercial for Georgia coffee or some instant noodle company.

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

johninaha: tells it like it is ... Psychiatry is the least popular choice for med. students save perhaps obstetrics and gynecology. Students are pretty much 'told' where their talents (abilities) lie and it's true, those who go into psychiatry are usually reluctant to do so but left with little choice due to grades, filled quotas in other areas etc.

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human target:

" I know you are on some anti-Islam crusade conducted from your living room, but it's delusional to believe this guy isn't a racist. Nutcase? Sociopath? Those too. But yes, clearly also a racist. "

I am not on a crusade and name-calling is not an argument. You claim he is "racist". Well, prove it. I say tthere is nothing in his writing or action that can be called racist.

Brejvik is against the islamization of Norway. Newsflash: Islam is not race. Brejvik gunned down a Norwegian labour party youth camp. Newsflash 2: The labour party is not a race, either.

You make a claim, you prove it

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

Go WillB....and besides Ive heard of J.psychiatrists who are very dedicated, and are against just handing out medicines-theyre probably the ones not interested in english. Cause Ive also heard of J psychiatrists doing prac work overseas, and as johninnaha says seems like dimwits that youd rather not have treating you and they have learnt to hand out pills.....But I agree, labelling this guy racist is silly. If he commited the act out of his own country, you could probably consider that word, but Id rather say that he wasnt a very happy Norwegian.

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This evil Norwegian Nazi lover, wants to see a Japanese doctor?? Sure, send him one dressed up as a Kamikaze pilot for WW2?? I hope this dork burns in hell for all of eternity for his evil crimes against innocent people out there in Norway.

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"understand the idea and values of honor" what!? by killing people? the Japanese don't go around shooting/killing people! Great thats all we need some reject like this claiming "he was into jp culture" they shouldn't give him anything he requests. just Hang him in NORWAY!

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The best thing to do is to give no importance to this guy. Unfortunately what is actually happening is quite the opposite!

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gotta agree with a lot of posters above. Japanese "psychiatry" has been reduced to pills, and a pat on the back accompanied with a heartfelt "gambatte ne"

I agree, just like 98% of the so-called psychiatry going on in this world, ala Hollywood doc-style "medicine", pills, glitz and a "good luck son" ain't gonna cut it.

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A small bracket... rumours run as what Breivik would have Turkish roots. Some even make him look like the Turkish singer Tarkan. Having verified it, I was effectively surprised with the resemblance mainly in the eyes, the glance !

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Breivik does sound Turkish, come to think of it

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He wants a lot of things. Next he'll be asking for chocolate icecream for dessert.

How far do his human rights entitle him to these things?

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He'd also like his own blog from prison, and t-shirts with his face on it. So what. Why are they even releasing this information? The purpose of a psychiatrist is to determine if he's crazy or not, not to validate his beliefs.

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I would like to take this opportunity to bash the Abrahamic vindictiveness and say, at the same time, how unsettling it is that a mass murderer even gets to choose who will judge him? The souls of innocent young people that he executed should be the final word. I find it offensive to even equate the country of Japan with this person's name. And I wish the press would stop reporting on him at all. This voyeurism only disrespects the victims and their survivors.

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Obviously nuts. If he just pleads guilty he'll serve a maximum of 21 years (look it up, that's the max he gets if not declared insane)...and in a Norwegian prison which is nicer than most apartments in Japan. Free internet, big-screen tv, unlimited communication with the outside, weekends off to see family (these are all considered basic human rights in Norway and cannot be infringed upon even for security reasons).

If he was sane, he'd realize that a Norwegian prison would be like a tenured professorship in Crackpot Political Studies, allowing him to write, organize, and plot with others to his heart's content.

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