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Novartis employees may have violated trial protocol in Japan


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As s researcher myself, I can only be appalled by how insensitive and moronic some people can be. I don't know what's their job or how much they know about research, but I'm surrounded by researchers and I can tell you that most of them have worked very hard to gain the knowledge and skill necessary to do their job, work long hours including holidays, and the pay is modest at best. Yet their work gives a chance to live to cancer patients, among many, many other things that directly change our everyday life for the better. How about suggesting surgeons to be cut open, or life guards to be water-boarded, or emergency workers to be crushed under a building, maybe they would become better at their work?

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What does the above comment have to do with the possibility of data manipuation by drug companies? Wasn't Novartis who is charged with data fabrication for a blood pressure mediine? I have seen drug company employees at clinics and hospitals big and small. I have had a doctor push a drug likely recommended by one of those cockroach-like salesmen instead of the one in my lng used presecription, when a call to my specialist in the city I originally lived revealed that the drug being pushed was no better, and posxibly worse, than the originally prescribed drug. Drug companies,, doctors and researchers can save lives, but sometimes it is profit over honesty, and buyer beware. Get a second opinion on a drug, especially when it has been offered as an alternative to the one you currently take.

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