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NPA to form new anti-cybercrime unit


The National Police Agency has convened a meeting with cybercrime experts from various backgrounds in an attempt to deal with the evolving and complex world of online crime.

The NPA invited security specialists and experts in commercial anti-virus software to share information at a meeting on Friday, aimed at creating a strategy for fighting cybercrime, TV Asahi reported.

The agency has announced that it aims to create a new unit, consisting of consultants from a range of fields, dedicated to dealing with online crime, hacking and viruses.

The panel currently includes 20 specialists from the public sector, the private sector and higher education institutions. The members have been charged with drawing up a report containing recommendations for the creation of an anti-cybercrime organization by the end of the year.

According to the TV Asahi report, the NPA said the model for the proposed unit is the American National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance, a non-profit corporation that analyzes in real time information obtained from the FBI and anti-virus software developers.

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The NPA's own version of the NSA.

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The NPA wants internet providers to keep user logs but the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications wants early deletion of user logs fearing invasion of privacy.

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And thus paranoia grips the people. Never mind all the marketing agencies and corporations putting spyware and such monitoring your actions and where you go in order to find better ways to squeeze as much out of your wallet as possible. If you're using someones software you purchased, they most likely are monitoring your actions with it.

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There is a very simple way to prevent a whole country or some identified threat to access your computer, Spammers etc... => install peerblock and download the blocklist you wan PB t to monitor from iblocklist,com.

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zichi, what firewall software do you use? AVAST is not free at all (they have the couple months free version) but then you have to pay. The VPN service is great for the IPAD (affordable at $24 a year) but the desktop version is over $100 for full VPN capabilities.

I never see any hackers trying to get into my system, thus am wondering what sofrtware are you using.

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