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NPA to hold hacker contest


The National Police Agency plans to sponsor Japan's biggest ever hacker contest later this year.

The NPA said the contest will be held in 10 cities from August. Participants will be divided into two teams and compete against each other's defense and offense skills. Anyone regardless of their age can compete in the contest.

TBS quoted an NPA spokesman as saying that the police want to strengthen their cybercrime detection capabilities by tying up with the private sector.

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...im sure only kiddies will accept this...(^ ^) who will bother, it is not even as exciting as def con

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sure, lets round them up into one room, ID and fingerprint them. Now what they should have done is get hackers to participate online using ShowNet 2013 last week as a base to hack. http://www.interop.jp/2013/shownet/stm.html

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So when there is a cyber attack they have a list of suspects ...yeah sounds like a brilliant key stone cop plan! Why not have a bank robbing contest or a shoplifting contest ..

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Maybe they'll Just arrest everyone who turns up? Predictive crime prevention.

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Sounds more like a recruiting scheme, for a JNSA.

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It's a police state and you've been caught!

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Anyone who tries to hack outside of the prescribed rules will be disqualified.

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