NPA white paper highlights bullying, crimes against elderly, stalking, hacking


The National Police Agency has released its annual white paper on crime and law enforcement in Japan.

In its annual overview, the NPA touched on the need to improve its consultation services to prevent cases of bullying, such as that of the suicide of a schoolboy in Shiga Prefecture, which sparked a national controversy.

The NPA also touched on its new anti-stalking legislation, which was introduced following the murder of a woman in her early 20s who received over 1,000 emails from a former lover in the space of two weeks. When the victim reported her stalker to the police, no action could be taken as there was no legal provision that could prosecute the man for harassment by email.

Also in the document were statistics related to crimes against Japan's senior citizens. According to the NPA, crimes against the elderly are growing nationwide at a time when the crime rate overall is dropping. Identity fraud scams and securities trading scams constitute the bulk of the cases, with crimes against the elderly now accounting for 9.5% of all crime in Japan.

The white paper also made mention of online crime, including the virus that prompted the high-profile arrest of four innocent people whose computers had been used as slaves. Similarly, instances of banking institutions and government bodies being hacked were referenced, alongside plans to improve the NPA's ability to investigate online crime and to educate the public about matters of online safety. On the subject of Internet usage, the white paper also noted plans to investigate the extent to which online services are storing users' personal data.

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Considering the Japanese police can (and often do) lock up people, who have not been convicted of any crime, for up to 23 days and beat them, force them to confess and with hold food, water and medical treatment, I find it VERY interesting they feel they are eligible to write papers on "bullying."

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Haha, well in a way, they are the experts, surely...

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Violence by the elderly is up 50 times that of 20 years ago according to a weekly magazine.

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Seems these 'white papers' are making a whole lot of mentions about what has been done, but nothing about what SHOULD be done to prevent it. The former is nice. Without the latter, it's just regular Japanese lip-service.

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It only means they have a lot of work to do, must do, have done ................but...

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