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NSA chief says Sony attack traced to N Korea after software analysis


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Well... if the NSA chief says so, then it must be true.

No question, even in spite of that, it might be true. But what is that supposed to tell us? When North Korea does it, it is really baaaaad... When the US does it is only for good purposes?

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Someone should tell NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers to shut the hell up. He's making a fool of himself. And this is the guy running the NSA, a paranoid freak. Actually, it makes sense to have a paranoid freak running a spy program right?

What's even more interesting, after a quick search, NO US news organization is purchasing this Reuters story. Sounds like another one of those CIA story plants.

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Must be NK now even if its not because the NSA and FBI would be the laughing stock otherwise.

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“From the time the malware left North Korea to the time it got to Sony’s headquarters in California, it crossed four different commanders’ lines or areas in the U.S. construct.”

This sounds so much like auto-translated Japanese, yet this guy is American. Can anybody make any sense out of these words?

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No ones buying this baloney. NSA lost their credit years ago.

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Words without fact just words.

Are they minimizing NK or increasing their importance by this finding?

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@gonemad It makes perfect sense, actually, but it's military jargon which is why it's confusing.

In clear English, it should sound more like: From the time the malware left N. Korea to the time it reached Sony's servers at their US headquarters, it had passed through the ports of four separate NSA (?) commanders' areas of control in the US base of operations.

Less wordy versions make it all the more confusing but I think you get the idea.

Whether this is true or not, it is very strange to think that four separate people in charge saw what was happening and did nothing… Very strange indeed.

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