INTERPOL appoints Japanese executive director for new global complex


INTERPOL has announced that Noboru Nakatani of Japan, currently the special advisor to the Commissioner General of Japan's National Police Agency (NPA), and director of the NPA’s Transnational Organized Crime Office, has been appointed as the executive director of the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore.

The state-of-the-art facility, due to become operational in early 2014, will equip the world’s police with the tools and knowledge to better tackle the crime threats of the 21st century. As a research and development facility for the identification of crimes and criminals, it will provide innovative training and operational support for law enforcement across the globe.

During the building’s ongoing construction, Nakatani will oversee and coordinate the creation and development of the programs and services that will be delivered from the IGCI by INTERPOL to its 190 member countries.

Nakatani previously held the post of director of Information Systems and Technology at INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters, overseeing the development of innovative IT services for the global law enforcement community. He also served as assistant director of INTERPOL’s Financial and High Tech Crime unit where he specialized in cybercrime and cyber security issues.

INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K Noble said that Nakatani's intellectual power, proven leadership ability and demonstrated expertise in the areas of cyber security and cybercrime in Japan and at INTERPOL "will combine to ensure that INTERPOL's Global Complex for Innovation provides our 190 member countries with much needed training, innovation and support in the both the virtual and real worlds."

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This news just a few days after the Aum most wanted arrest blunder.

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Congrats Noboru Nakatani

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Considering the track record of Japan police with their massive losses of data through file sharing, it does seem strange to appoint a Japanese cybercrime and security specialist to this position.

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As one of Interpol's 190 member countries, I believe that Japan is obliged to cooperate with Interpol.

As a member of Interpol, and given their cooperation with the organization here, hopefully Japanese authorities will now extradite the numerous Japanese perpetrators known to be hiding out in Japan who are wanted by Interpol for parental child abduction.

Here are some of the Japanese nationals wanted by Interpol:

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Japan's special training: "Put your feet up on the desk like so. Then place your tea cup over here on the side like so. Then doze off just a little, but not too much. End result, the criminals will come right to you. Just make sure you arrest them, not like that idiot with the Aum cult perp. He made us all look like fools."

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So does this mean that Interpol will now get involved with missing bicycles ?

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Hopefully he gets to work on those Japanese mothers who are on the list for child abduction.

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