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¥18 mil stolen via NTT Docomo's e-money service


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A similar debacle occurred quite recently too with 7-11 convenience stores.

This is why I refuse to allow my personal information to be placed at risk on these platforms!

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Lately I've been getting many SCAM messages with a real phone number attached asking me to log into my PayPal and other accounts, how in the hell could DoCoMo allow these number to operate knowing the scale of the messaging and the fact people are reporting these numbers to DoCoMo. and how were these people able access people private bank info. using DoCoMo.

DoCoMo lack of concern for it's customers privacy led to this crime.

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So the big move by Docomo is to decide on Wednesday to stop more people from signing on to its highly dangerous platform that they learned a week ago has been stealing people's money? This is the big news?

What about compensation and chasing the perpetrators? I assume Docomo and the banks will give full compensation. If I lose a client's cash, that's what I have to do.

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Docomo been scamming money with phone service for years, maybe this is an inside job, too

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Zero security, no validation, just added bank accounts... Docomo should have just used paywave like the rest of the world.

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As the article also says, probably it is not a security problem, is people falling for scam emails. No level of security can solve this. I also get spam every day trying to make me click on links or reply to whatever requests. The scammer use thousands of accounts, quite often placed on servers abroad, so it is very difficult to track them

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A North Korean hacker used the same phishing trick to steal 2 billion $ from the Bangladesh National Bank.

Looks that DoCoMo Bank didn't get the memo then.

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Cash only thank you. And ban ¥1 coins.

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By the way, it seems that taking advantage of peoples' lack of danger awareness is quite easy, one famous hacker, Guccifer, was a guy from a small Romanian village having an old computer and very basic computer knowledge, but he hacked accounts of many celebrities and high-level government officials


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Cyber security boss not knowing how to use a computer, computer passwords named after cats or children posted on Facebook or Line, Or the majority of people having no password at all on their Keitai's. Maybe?

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Japanese are naive on average.

Additionned to a system outside the bank one, you get a disaster.

In France, we use all our bank debit card.

Why use an outside system which can only be poorer as for cybersecurity compare to bank data servers. That is the heart of the job of a bank !

No need of paypal, or suica card. And totally free if you chose the correct bank.

I prefer using cash in Japan, cashiers being very efficient.

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And people ask me why I don't use internet banking.

I even had my banks remove my account from even being able to do internet banking.

It was quite a fight so I took out my phone started recording telling the manager I wanted a written agreement that they are responsible if anyone accesses my account swing I will never complete the registration.

But the more I recorded the more nervous they got and finally they contacted the central office and were told it was possible to do with a written request.

I worked in banks in IT security, they are all seriously flawed not just Japan.

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They should use bitcoin! It's so much more secure!


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Looks like security wasnt taken seriously enough at Docomo.

On the other hand there is MUFJ, I have a company account and the process of setting it up, changing users, retrieving lost passwords is painful. They dont allow access from a Mac, so I need to maintain an old Windows PC just for the account, I once forgot to update my security certificate, and to go to the bank in person to make a request , had to use IE for a long time because the certificate wasn't Edge compatible.....

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I worked IT security for western and Japanese banks, sorry to break the news to you but they are no different except western banks don't care about public image or bad publicity and will in no way compensate affected customers until a lawsuit can prove it was their mistake.

In Japan their is a far better chance of compensation if it means bad public image.

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japan seems to have a lot of scams involving theft of money through the net. There was also a huge loss with bitcoin not so long ago. Obviously their idea of internet security is a load of crap!

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it will try to compensate victims for the full amounts stolen through negotiations with the banks.

Doesn't insurance cover incidents like this?

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Doesn't insurance cover incidents like this?

It's not a bank so deposit insurance doesn't apply.

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only cash please! Thanks

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I've never had a problem with PayPay, Line Pay, or R Pay in Japan, or with Google Pay in the US.

I suppose there's always a first time. But, they've all worked flawlessly, with no fraudulent activity.

OTOH, I have had fraudulent activity on a number of credit card accounts over the years. The banks have always cancelled the charges, of course. But, still, there seems to be far more credit card fraud than mobile payment fraud.

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What is wrong with CASH? it worked for thousands of years, and it feel GREAT giving it away!!

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DoCoMo is well known for it's SCAM of extra charges inserted in the monthly fees. such as it's Mandatory subscription for several unwanted apps. and services that costs about 3,000/mth. then they tell you you can cancel it after 30 days, most customers don't because they simply don't know how, or too busy to get to it. DoCoMo knows that and that is the idea.

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