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Nurse arrested for cutting IV tube connected to patient in Shizuoka hospital


Police in Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture, have arrested a 28-year-old nurse on suspicion of cutting an IV tube connected to a patient at a hospital in February.

According to police, Kanako Ono, who lives in Fuji City, is accused of cutting the IV tube of a patient at Numazu City Hospital at around 9 a.m. on Feb 21, NHK reported. According to the hospital, the patient was in a shared room at the time. Another nurse immediately noticed that the tube had been cut, so the patient's condition did not deteriorate.

At the time, Ono, who had worked at the hospital for five years, was in charge of the inpatient ward. She resigned from her position in March. The hospital consulted with the police in April and Ono was arrested on Monday.

Police did not say whether Ono had admitted to the allegation or not or what her motive might have been.

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"What her motive might have been "...?

I could guess.

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Best not to piss -off your nurse.

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That sounds like an attempted murder charge to me.

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Very informative article. We can learn a lot from the story being shared here.

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Accused by whom? The patient? Another nurse? The new charge nurse? "The Hospital?"

The article mentions clearly that the hospital is the one contacting the police, it should be natural to think they are the ones making the accusation.

Not much of a story here. 

That depends completely on assuming the police is making the arrest based on nothing but the accusation, which in Japan is not likely at all. Everything is possible, from a fabrication defect on the IV line to a freak accident, but the fact that the nurse was arrested points towards something coming up in the investigation that led the police to think Ono was the one doing it.

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Chronology is interesting...


Nurse cuts IV tube on 21st Feb

Nurse resigned from her position in March

Hospital consulted police in April

Nurse got arrested on Monday (June)


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I read nothing but "ASSUMPTIONS"! The hospital assumed the incident was committed by the nurse. There's no facts printed here just a report of what the hospital did.

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Self sabotage?

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