Nurse arrested for stealing cash from patient’s family


A 43-year-old nurse has been arrested for stealing money that the family of one of her patients had prepared to pay for medical expenses, police revealed.

Megumi Morita is accused of stealing an envelope containing 500,000 yen from the room of a male patient she had been in charge of at a hospital in Tokyo’s Nishi Tokyo city, last June, Fuji TV reported.

According to the charge, the money was placed in an envelope inside the bag of an elderly patient’s daughter, who had come to the hospital for a visit and to pay for medical expenses for her father.

The patient was in a private room with limited access to staff and visitors. Police arrested Morita based on surveillance camera footage analysis.

According to police, Morita has denied stealing the money.

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disgusting. stealing from a helpless elderly patient? She should be locked up for a long time.

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what an absolute piece of scum this woman is. even with surveillance camera footage, she still denies it. life in jail for the pathetic worm.

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Kniknaknokkaer Today  09:43 am JST

Seriously people, it just isn't necessary to carry large wads of cash around!

Unfortunately, Japan is still a cash society. Compare to the west, many of the older citizens still pay their service in traditional ways.

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That could very well have been the "gift" for the operating doctor. That still goes on in Japan - according to a friend of mine, it will give the doctor more incentive to do his best ....

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Seriously people, it just isn't necessary to carry large wads of cash around!

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