Nursing care worker arrested for assaulting resident in her 80s


Police in Kumamoto city have arrested a 29-year-old nursing care worker on suspicion of assault after he allegedly punched a female resident in her 80s at a care home.

Police said Motoki Nakashima, who was arrested on Wednesday, is accused of punching the victim at around 1 p.m. on Tuesday at Group Home Hibari, Kyodo News reported. Another employee noticed the woman’s head injury on Tuesday night and called 119, and she was taken to hospital.

Police said the woman suffered a subcutaneous skull hemorrhage. The hospital contacted police to report a case of possible abuse.

Police said Nakashima has admitted to the charge but has so far given no motive.

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Senior people in nursing care can be annoying, don't imagine them as your warm grand father or grand mother. They become old people that demand many things.

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Where do they find their staff and how do they evaluate them?

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After working in a number of hospitals that had literally hundreds of senior patients, many suffering from strokes and the after effects of not having control over their own bodies, I have seen "care workers" do things that got me in plenty of trouble myself, for reporting them to the hospital authorities.

I am surprised that there are not more cases like this being reported in the news. Many of the workers who take care of these patients have little to no training, and literally learn while on the job, from "senior" car givers.

Patients misdeeds are over-looked, and many times so are the actions of the care workers as well.

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Gosh, my working at the nursing care if he has a little patient?

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If the most serious problem the doctors found on the victim is a subcutaneous hemorrhage she is very lucky, it is not rare that violence can cause much more serious problems that are more likely to endanger the life of the victim, like a subdural haematoma. I hope she gets proper medical care for a few more days to eliminate the possibility of something else slowly developing.

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sakurasukiToday  07:01 am JST

Senior people in nursing care can be annoying, don't imagine them as your warm grand father or grand mother. They become old people that demand many things.

This is so true and not something that is EVER discussed especially when a patient has dementia and does't understand what's going on. Some patients become aggressive, hit, punch, and scream. The nurses know which patients to leave to the very last to wake up, and will understand their behavior, and change the way they approach the patients. Personality changes occur with dementia and caring mother, or father they knew when they were you dont have the same personality, especially when they loose the capacity to communicate verbally, what the problem is. But to punch a patient in the head, WOW! He deserves to be punished by the law. Nurses are human, they aren't angels, but if your gonna punch a patient, you shouldn't be in the profession. And I saw nurses, especially male, and some female nurses do things that would be classed as abuse. Now which nurse wants to loose their job? loose their friends? because when you report them, you will very very quickly be the trouble maker, the whistle blower, the nurse with no friends, and so you move on.

So it so many times, and when management want to shut you up, u guess you're rostered all the terrible weekend shifts, working new year, and Christmas, the dirty job and the hard patients. Not easy to say to management we're not coping, and the climate of abuse can easily take hold.

If you want proof here.If you have the time, please watch this.It shows how hidden it is, and how staff go along with it.

These people should never be a nurses and it comes from the TOP down.

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The above video you can see the people leave rather than speak up, and so the circle continues. Thankfully someone got in contact with someone. Its just a pity it had to be the BBC, and not management.

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Yes, some elderly people can be supremely trying, but what right does that give a caregiver to literally beat up the person in his care? I have said this time and time again, but if you do not want to work in a profession where you are required to constantly care for others (literally, it is in the job title and job description), then don't take that job. If you know that you have little patience for other people, then don't take that job. I simply cannot understand how others can comment here saying things like, "Well, elderly people can be annoying," as if that in any way makes this behavior alright. We've seen this story enough times now that it seems quite clear something should be done about the hiring standards for caregivers. Because currently what they are giving to those in their care is the exact opposite - neglect, negligence, and outright abuse.

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From the stories I hear, if you make it to that age, you can expect some abuse or neglect. Something to be said for carpe diem.

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My mother-in-law punched the dentist right in the face at her care home. I witnessed it. The dentist refused to treat her. I asked him if he was OK, he said “no problem, happens every day.”

punching to relieve stress is not right for the care worker though, prison. He could just put some ice cubes in her bed, not fracture her skull.

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