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Online piracy thrives in Internet cloud


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"I am shocked! SHOCKED!! To learn that there is piracy going on here!"

Is this really a surprise to anyone?

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Like a hydra. You cut off one head and two more grow in its place! The music and film industries really should have left well enough alone or gone a completely different direction.

What direction? Well they could have pushed to have the governments of the world make laws so that the only legit copies of music and film can bought from stores, where you either buy it on some form of media or connect your own storage media right at the store. It would have saved those stores too.

Sure, there will still be pirates. There will always be pirates. But going after pirates will make everything worse. Now people who actually want to pay the companies are being tricked into paying the pirates!

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I never knew where to get this stuff! Thanks for posting all the illegal services!

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why to worry about piracy ? Japan already have strong laws about priracy.

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I don't accept current copyright laws as they were paid for by media corporations and enacted by corrupt politicians.

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Give us better & cheaper access to legitimate content and we'll all stop doing it

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@_Jack A fellow Comic Book/Marvel movies enthusiast. I like your Captain America's reference there.

There is some ambiguous thing about piracy though. If you download a recorded television, say drama series, does it contribute as pirating? If you think about it..... it's basically just the same as copying the recorded file from your friends, except this "friends" are not people whom you know and live across the ocean.

And because they don't ask you to pay money, isn't just like sharing your friend your own recorded movie? If you share a Blu-ray released copy, I guess that can be called piracy, but a TV recorded copy????

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I like your Captain America's reference there.

I don't read comics. It was a reference to ancient Greek mythology!

And because they don't ask you to pay money, isn't just like sharing your friend your own recorded movie?

I completely agree. That is why I was careful to say a copy bought rather than one just given.

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Living in Japan, where media is so slow to be available and legal streaming and other regular tech enjoyed in most other countries is just so stunted, is it any wonder why people get their fix from alternate sources?

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I don't condone theft, BUT a lot of the copyrights wrt music, movies, software etc is BS! With big biz doing their all to MAXIMIZE their profits(re screw consumers) by manipulating when & where you buy their products, or in lots of cases you cant even buy while in Japan it just becomes a royal PITA!

I am too lazy to figure out how to get what I need for free(lower costs) I just do without, so in the end BIG BIZ YOU LOSE!

Would be nice to see more consumer protection rather than protection to big biz so they can screw us all, these companies have made their own problems but are too stupid & selfish to see whats what!

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I find it amazing people would be willing to give their credit card numbers to these shady operators

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Is it any wonder that people want to watch movies other than what's on sky perfect tv etc. I had no idea this was going on, thanks JT. I'll be checking them out for sure

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