Organized crime worth $90 bil a year in East Asia, Pacific


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The problem with this report is that there is no mention of the collaboration between the crime organizations and Western intelligence agencies interested in leveraging the criminal organizations to destabilize the respective societies alla mode Laissez-faire.

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Japan happily supporting organized crime by buying counterfeit products from abroad, such as Disney, for their 100yen shops, etc. The saddest part of this article though is the reminder that young girls are often kidnapped and sold into the sex trade. That alone should be the number one priority of crimes to stop first.

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A massive part of the counterfeited goods value comes from counterfeit tobacco products due to high taxes that turn right into gold for criminal groups. Counterfeit Rolex or Levis 501 are peanuts in the balance.

Anti-tobaccos might not like it but this is a proven fact.

While telling the truth, I am ready to get 10's of thumbs down!

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Japan needs to get serious about organized crime.

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