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Osaka files criminal complaint against ex-head of scandal-hit school operator


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He will be tried in criminal court. Because Japan is a country that has guilty until proven innocent we willllllll hear result very soon.

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Once caught giving him a huge discount for the land he purchased from them, Osaka has to do something to appear to be impartial and doing “something.” This will probably ease the pressure on Abe to resign as he can say “it's a local problem being properly dealt with.” ie Kagoike is being thrown under the bus.

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Guilty until proved innocent isn't a system to be proud of.

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Yeah, 'borscht', you are right. This is definitely a case of, turn the lights on and watch the roaches scurry. The only one left is the one in the trap. He must have had inside help for him to obtain so much money in subsidies and to obtain it so easily. Either that, or the people in charge of giving out these subsidies are complete idiots, which is probably also true.

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 This will probably ease the pressure on Abe to resign as he can say “it's a local problem being properly dealt with.” ie Kagoike is being thrown under the bus.

First off there is no pressure on Abe to resign. This guy isn't being thrown under any bus, he played the game and got caught.

His ego got the better of him and now he will pay the price. Also this could get worse for Abe IF this guy has actually proof anywhere that there was money changing hands and that Abe was directly involved in any of the deals.

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@stewart: in USA, if arresting officer does not tell You can remain silence. If you say anything, it may incriminate you. FBI used to omit saying and lost cases. And in court, defendent can say I refused to answer question because it will incriminate me. There was one mafia who said that almost 100 times and he was not jailed. But this case is in Japan. He can't getaway. Not good custom but this way, Japanese criminal system has been operating in Japan.

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Seems Kagoike was stopped before swindling Akie's huge asset. Ii hope this will give good lesson to wealthy people.

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I didnt think Akie's assets were so huge..

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The LDP may decide to throw Abe under the bus too. At this writing, the Japanese public is doing that.

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Suspended sentence coming soon to a judgement near you!!!

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@kobe: She inherited her family owned company more profitable than Hershey. When she graduated University, she wanted to work there. At that time, big corporations did not want woman executives. So, she went to Shimonoseki and became a radio announcer and Abe married her. Not as bad as Yoko Ono who became Musician because she could not work for her family owned bank.

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LDP will depend on Abe for a couple more years and then probably Nobuo Kishi as next LDP chief.

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Professional swindlers create impressive business or organization and create a top position. Appoint a very wealthy person and periodically report short on money and collect money from appointed person. There is nickname for the wealthy suckers. Unpaid busybody.

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