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Osaka man kills brother over salary advance refusal


A 37-year-old man from Osaka has been arrested for allegedly killing his younger brother because he refused to give him an advance on his salary.

According to police, the suspect, who has been named as construction worker Tsuyoshi Ishihara, was arrested by police on Sunday. Eyewitnesses claimed to have seen him arguing with his younger brother Kazushiro Ishihara and then running him over with his car in a car park at around 10 p.m. on Saturday, Sankei Shimbun. Tsuyoshi fled the scene and was apprehended by police at a nearby car park at around 2 p.m. on Sunday.

Tsuyoshi was quoted by police as saying he had become enraged after his brother, who was also his employer, refused to give him an advance on his salary.

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condolences to the family.

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Thats so sad. Killing a sibling over maegari. He really wont need the money now.

I feel sorry for the parents as well. Lost two sons in one shot.

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What a scum! No! This snake in the grass is lower than scum! Killing his OWN brother? RIP dead Osaka brother

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So many crime news in Osaka these days huh?

There are so many ways you can release your anger. Running your car over your brother is not a good one. Why not run your car and collide it on a wall? Much better.

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There are so many Japanese people on the edge of sanity and the slightest tiff can push them over the edge. You have to be very careful who and when you confront someone in Japan. Remember, homocidal maniacs look just like everybody else.

Guess this guy won't be getting his salary advance then.

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This guy must have been in some serious debt to kill his own brother for an advance in salary. I'd like to know why he needed the money so badly that he'd resort to sibling murder.

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Get ready for more of this to happen as the economy gets worse! This guy needs to rot in jail.

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Quick question for Tsuyoshi; how much is your overall pay going to be now that you've killed your own flesh in blood because you couldn't get part of it a little early? Ah... you never thought about that when you thought about getting in your call to run over your brother.

Enjoy jail, scumbag. I hope the ghost of your brother haunts you every single minute of what I hope is an extremely long sentence. When you get out of jail in a decade or so, you might have a few thousand yen waiting for you, though. Hope you feel it was worth it.

RIP, younger brother.

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I know Osaka is better than this. It makes me so sick to my stomach to read about these terrible, senseless crimes. RIP younger bro and as for the older, selfish monster, BURN IN HELL!

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Wow "Cain" Tsuyoshi

You had a couple of options

1) finding a better job since you felt that your skills were worth more in the market 2) providing your brother with a much better reason than "Hey, I'm your big brother" 3) going to a bank 4) etc

I know it was sick version of road rage and it was definitely a crime of passion but now you have to live with your little bros. blood on your hands and the tremendous loss of face that goes with it.

I'll pray for you

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very sad family, one brother died and the other will be in jail with a long disturb life. This is why tolerance is so important anger always destroy life

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Ali KhanNOV. 12, 2012 - 10:28PM JST very sad family, one brother died and the other will be in jail with a long disturb life. This is why tolerance is so important anger always destroy life

Very true my brother, anger always destroys lives. Damn right absolutely true. Not sure how these brothers grew up together. I wouldn't say they had terrible terms with each other as he was actually working for his brother. Tragedy for the parents, no parent should have to go through this kind of thing.

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therefore,where of Osaka isnt it?

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Too bad in Jail there is no Pachinko!

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