Osaka takoyaki seller found guilty of ¥130 million tax evasion


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She was around 67 in 2014. If her claim about not being familiar with the procedure of filing tax returns is true, then prior to opening her takoyaki stand, she must have been a housewife or caregiver. Perhaps her husband or parents passed away and she came up with the idea of opening a takoyaki stand as a way to provide for herself. She must've been ecstatic that her business was flourished, thanks to the tourists visiting Osaka Castle.

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She made almost $6,000 a day selling takoyaki? And that's if she stayed open everyday all year. I'm in the wrong damn business.

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How could you even make an average of 110 million yen per year selling takoyaki...?...

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Isn't it nearly $306/day? If she made, $306/day then in a month that's $9,180 and in a year, it comes to $110,160. If she sold takoyaki for $6 and had an average of 51 customers every day then her takings are quite possible. Gindaco in Tsukiji always has people lining up and one can spend around 600 yen there if just ordering takoyaki and no drink.

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Calculating on a daily basis, in a year, then she sold an average of *175,000 yen of product a day.That has to be a large operation but the figure

in total that the tax office gives is obviously inflated and estimated!

I’m betting that all sales were cash and were not recorded....

*rounded up figure

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In her best sales year she made 240.000.000 yen (240 millions yen).

That means an average of 657.000 yen per day. That in euros is 5100€, in dollars 5800$. Per day.

I'm going to buy a truck and some takoyaki flour. And, I promise, I will pay taxes...

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clearly I made a career mistake.. Takoyaki = millionaire

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Her balls must be delicious.

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130millon cheating and paying 26million fine? I can change my job, I have a takoyaki maker, but I love octopus, they are very smart and I’m a vegetarian. I wonder if there is a market for vegetarian takoyaki? Only one year I can retire....

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Prosecutors had demanded a one-year prison term and a fine of 39 million yen, claiming she evaded taxes for the "selfish reason of keeping the money."

Wow ! She had the nerve to actually want to keep the money!! Unlike the politicians in this country who sacrifice everything for the good of the people.

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How in the h$ll can a seller of takoyaki make enough to own that much in taxes? Good lord, imagine the total take.

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How in the h$ll can a seller of takoyaki make enough to own that much in taxes? 

I don't know why people are so shocked at this. I know of roadside fruit stands that clear a million dollars a year in the USA, and one that does that in only 3-4 months. Udon, takoyaki... these are great businesses with good margins if they draw crowds.

So yeah, if you spent a fortune on college to be a white collar slave for some company, you might be surprised. But simple businesses can be the most solid.

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For those ready to make a fortune by going into the takoyaki business, note that from what I’ve seen on tv, there were other items on the menu, such as shaved ice, yakisoba (fried noodles), and such. Also the space was provided to her rent-free. And it was at a spot where bus loads of tourists alight, and there is no other convenient place to get a snack nearby.

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@fraris Location, location, location! I bet Tatsuko sold her takoyaki for 1,000 yen or more. Lots of tourists near Osaka castle who opened their wallets to snack on takoyaki. Go get your truck and open your stand there. =)

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I remember many years back, there was one popular takoyaki stand near Ebisibashi that everyone seemed to congregate to and there were always long lines. A few weeks ago I was walking down that road and I swear every other shop was a takoyaki shop with menus in 4 languages with staff members from China. Takoyaki is a cash cow and the number of tourists is tremendous.

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I'm in the wrong business. Even with overhead costs, such as health permits, licenses, rental location fees, shakai hoken, and other costs, according to those figures, that's good money.

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"The consequences of evading a large amount of income tax are serious,"

Evading taxes? Yes, this is very serious! So what's the best action?

The Osaka District Court on sentenced Tatsuko Utsunomiya, 72, to a year in prison, suspended for three years, and a fine of 26 million yen.

..........makes sense.

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