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Over 10 construction firms raided over suspected bid rigging


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O dang.

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Just 10?

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I dont get these types of raids, is it just for show?

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Japanese construction: Profiting from other people's misery since forever

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Really? I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked. But, since they are "willing to cooperate" I guess all will be forgiven. In the Olympic spirit, of course.

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Here's the token bid rigging bust that happens every five years or so. They'll be severely wrist slapped and be back at it within a few weeks.

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All Yakuza companies.... no one will be arrested, it will be "regrettable" and they'll think of another way to scam the system

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Not sure that there would be any evidence. Why would you write anything like that down?? You meet, discuss what prices should be, who gets what job and then go make your bids accordingly. Small guys who don't get bids, get back money.

Someone suspects this is happening, a raid happens, but surprise! no evidence. Duh.

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Japans whole construction industry and many other sectors is based on high set prices and bid rigging, without it many of them would collapse bringing the economy down with them. Unfortunately many in the J gov are as corrupt as these companies so nothing will change. J consumer & tax payer will continually get screwed. "But its good quality" sorry that BS doesn't cut it anymore, only for the brainwashed

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Bid rigging is a like a pest rooted in all the Japanese industries. The construction ones lead the pack!!

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Interesting timing. Just as a construction company is suing to receive 400 mil. in over due payments for Moritomo Gakuen.

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The projects were ordered by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Suspected bid rigging need 2 sides in order to be sealed, who in the ministry got the bribe money to select them ? Because the article seems to explain that the construction companies decided themselves who will win...kind of weird.

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Bid Rigging, I thought this is how the world is working. Isn't it same in every other countries too. Big Companies have big brothers inside the government, brothers do favor each other. In every country there are like handful pf general contractors and remaining small companies swims inside the pool with water supplied by those big companies.

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