Over 100 banks hit by sophisticated cyberattack


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Which banks in Japan?

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More news needed

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Better check my bank account here in Japan. Hope nothing has been touched ...

Wish the article above would have named the banks in Japan that were victimized ...

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Companies don't take security seriously, why the hell were the ATM's accessible via the internet? There own damn fault.

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This is what happens everytime someone believes their intentions are good by creating technologies to improve people lives. There are and always will be someone else out there with bad intentions waiting to manipulate the system. This is sad and no matter what anyone says, There are no 100% safety methods when dealing with modern technology.

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"the attack involved malicious software that gave hackers long-term access to banking systems." - article

This used to be called "an inside job". Now it's called business as usual. Who wants to bother collecting pay checks when they can game the system. And the banks are too disinterested to care. Maybe someone left their password out, they say 123456 is popular.

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and they got the idea from office space hahaha

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