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Owner of struggling Saitama soba restaurant held for allegedly killing parents


Saitama prefectural police said Thursday that a man has been charged with the murder of his parents in Kawagoe. According to police, 63-year-old Satoru Matsumoto waded into the Irumagawa River on Wednesday morning with his father, Susumu, aged 89, and mother, Riuko, aged 83, on the pretext of committing murder-suicide. However, having murdered his parents, Matsumoto did not follow through with the plan, police said.

A police official told a news conference that Matsumoto said his soba restaurant hasn't been profitable recently and that he was struggling to make ends meet. He was quoted by police as saying that he decided to commit suicide, but didn't want to leave his parents behind or they would become someone else's burden. He didn't say why he didn't go through with his plan to kill himself, also, police said.

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another day, another japanese kills his/her parent(s)

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They might have planned this together.

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Nice post Steve and I agree. His parents might have been really abusive.

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Criticizing or finding fault with others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves although we all have the right to judge the action of others, but we can't judge them for those actions. Just as someone can be committing a immoral act right before your eyes does not mean that the other person walking the virtuous or devoted path is to be put higher than the other. No one knows what goes behind closed doors. Looking beyond our judgement and seeing the person within is the true challenge. Judgement exists, but it is up to us to see how to use it. We don't need to be judging others as we will never know why or how come they came to be. I see a clear difference with judging the action vs judging the person. Hence life is too precious. It is the greatest gift that the higher power or source has given us. We cannot waste it. We should preserve our lives and use it for the high purposes that the higher power or source has given us.

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Before we judge how about thinking about the bigger picture. What made this happen? Did his parents put business before him when young. Did his mother go to work when he was an infant? Maybe he was beaten by his parents or abused in otherr ways, sometimes these scars last forever. It is quite possible that he ahs lost bhis marbles and needs medical attention fast. Japan is poor in this area and seems to follow the outdated American view of good vs evil.

This whole matter is very sad, i hope the real truth is discovered but i think Jpaans legal system is too prehistoric to look for meanings, they want easy results.

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Actually, to be a lot blunter, how many of you have changed your parent's urine-soaked clothes and futon or wiped the excrement from their bodies? This is the kind of situation we are talking about here, I'm sure.

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Tragic. He probably wasn't making enough money to pay for their physical care any more, and couldn't do it himself and still run the business. There are thousands upon thousands of old people falling through the social care "net" in this country. The guy probably had every intention of dying too, but once in the water his body fought back. I think it's very hard to drown yourself. That's why trains are popular...

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Man, oh man, and I really like to eat soba but this may keep me away from any soba shops from now on. RIP 2 old parents.

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weak weak weak man

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beggars belief? I'm guessing you've never experienced true despair. Here's hoping your life continues to be so kind.

Did you even read my post properly?! Yes, it BEGGARS BELIEF that a man would take his old and frail parents to a river and drown them, under any circumstances. And be very careful about making arbitrary valuations of people's experience over the internet. It goes without saying that you can't know anything about my life, and you are foolish to think you do.

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However, having murdered his parents, Matsumoto did not follow through with the plan, police said.

They never do....

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So after they went under the water, or were kept there by his hands, he suddenly realized he didn't want to die?

There sure are some messed up, nasty 60 somethings in this country.

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So did he turn himself in, or was this the result of a lot of sleep deprivation and hypnotic suggestion?

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What a selfish piece of scum... and then doesn't have the gull to go through with it himself.

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Next time commit suicide first, everyone will be happier.

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beggars belief? I'm guessing you've never experienced true despair. Here's hoping your life continues to be so kind.

It would appear that these parents were frail enough that he could carry both. Were they aware? Complicit? Drugged? Senile to the point of vegetation? His mother was still relatively young.

Too bad there isn't more social support for elder care. This sort of thing is too common and horribly tragic.

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He could of killed them with radioactive soba in the river. It's on the list of contaminated foods that the government doesn't want us to know. There needs to a helpline set up, as these occuranses seem to be increasing.

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What...the....???!! So, am I right in thinking that these two old folk were somehow manhandled into a river and murdered by their son?! Can you imagine what must have been going through their head as he did this? It just beggars belief. You know, we get used to some wierd stories out of Japan, but this is one of the worst. Unbelievable.

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