Ozawa's 3 aides appeal conviction over political fund violations


Three former aides of former Democratic Party of Japan chief Ichiro Ozawa on Tuesday filed appeals against their conviction Monday in a political funding scandal.

Independent House of Representatives member Tomohiro Ishikawa, 38, former secretary Takanori Okubo, 50, and former aide Mitsutomo Ikeda, 34, appealed to the Tokyo High Court, calling the ruling unacceptable

On Monday, the Tokyo District Court gave the former aides suspended prison terms ranging from one to three years for accepting 100 million yen in illegal donations from a construction company and for failing to register a 400 million yen loan from Ozawa to his funding body in a 2004 Tokyo land deal.

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Surely there must be a case of vicarious liability against Ozawa. I would notice a discrepancy of 10 thousand Yen in my account, let alone 400 million. Pull the other one Ozawa, its got bells on

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@ihavegreatlegs "Why does he get away with everything?"

he's just another one you can ad to the very long list....


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Ozawa lends 400 million correct?

Shouldn't that have gone on his tax forms some where? Why does he get away with everything?

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