Panasonic fined $280 mil in U.S. over bribery


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Make me laugh, please. While the lobbyists are bribing politicians in Washington the U.S. Justice Department is fining Japanese companies, maybe Mr. Trump hasn't drained the swamp enough. In most countries lobby is recognized as corruption but in the United States is just a political game.

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Part and parcel of the hypocrital puritan nonsense we live with in the USA.

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“to an employee at government-owned airline”

Shouldn’t there be an “a” in there?

Besides the very first sentence being lacking grammar-wise, the first three paragraphs had me wondering what airline the US government owns.

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Another Japanese company involved in a fraud and bribery scandal. It's getting to the point where it is no longer news.

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Japan Inc. engaged in bribery? Say it ain't so!

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The SEC, fined parent company

As there is no ‘a’ in the first sentence, there need not be a ‘,’ in this sentence.

I guess the US government owns CIA Airlines: Black Ops Unlimited?

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Don't invest in USA.

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Can you say "Emirates" (or possibly Qatar Airways) ?

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Everybody knows the American companies pay thousands of millions of dollars to lobbyists, Panasonic did the same. It's time for Japan to set up your intelligence agency.

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The Justice Department fined Panasonic Avionics $137.4 million for charges of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the company.

In fact, the US was international police and have license to blackmail International Corporation.

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