Papers on dead man in murder-suicide case sent to prosecutors


Akita prefectural police have sent papers to prosecutors on a dead man, suspected of killing his girlfriend and then committing suicide by driving his car, with her in it, off a cliff.

Police said they took the action in an effort to charge Masatoshi Ikejima, 39, a truck driver from Akita City who was behind the wheel of the plunged vehicle, with murdering his former girlfriend, Asami Sato.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 5:25 p.m. along National Route 101 on June 9. Police said they had been searching for the couple after their families reported them missing. The car was spotted at a roadside rest area near a restaurant in Happo, Akita Prefecture.

However, before police officers could approach the car, Ikejima immediately started the engine and began driving north in the direction of Aomori Prefecture. Police pursued the car for about five minutes at a safe distance, red light flashing without sounding a siren.

The car drove into the parking lot of a restaurant in Fukaura, Aomori Prefecture, and then went over the edge of a cliff and rolled about 40 meters down an embankment. The vehicle was wrecked and the bodies of ikejima and Sato, thrown from the car, were found nearby.

Police said an autopsy showed that Sato had been strangled and that she was probably already dead when the car went off the cliff.

Ikejima and Sato were both residents of Akita City. Police said that Sato had consulted with them about a week earlier concerning trouble she was having with Ikejima.

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Police pursued the car for about five minutes at a safe distance, red light flashing without sounding a siren.

This is how most police cars patrol, so how is one to know when they are being pursued?

Why waste time with charg No a corpse with murder?

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