Parents appeal for public’s help 9 years after son’s murder


The parents of a 16-year-old Kobe school boy who was murdered in 2010 have appealed to the public to help police catch the killer. Toshi Tsutsumi, 60, and his wife Masako, 62, along with friends and police officers handed out leaflets with drawings of the suspect’s face and clothes on Friday to commuters and passersby outside Tanigami Station on Hokushinkyuko line.

On Oct 4, 2010, in Kobe’s Kita Ward, Shota Tsutsumi was standing near a vending machine, drinking with a third grade junior high school girl at around 10:40 p.m. when a man sitting on the other side of the road approached the pair. Tsutsumi told the girl to run.

Tsutsumi was later found at a crossing 70 meters away by a passerby who called 119. He had sustained an 8-cm cut to his neck and died from loss of blood. A knife used to stab Tsutsumi was found in a drainage ditch near the scene of the crime and DNA tests revealed that blood found on the knife was that of the victim.

Tsutsumi’s female companion told police she did not know the attacker.

The victim’s father said he has not given up hope that his son’s killer will be arrested and said he believes that someone must know who the suspect is.

There is a 3 million yen reward for anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of the killer. Anyone with any information is asked to call police at 078-594-0110.

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when a man sitting on the other side of the road approached the pair. Tsutsumi told the girl to run.

Much respect, Shota. You saved that girl's life. Your parents must be extremely proud of you despite suffering your loss.

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No reason by unknown to attack, and let witness go...

What about the girl, only convenient living witness ?

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

The boy must of known the man if he warned the girl to run. Instinct should of made her look what she was to run away from. Was there a description of the attacker?

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