Parents arrested for scalding 6-year-old son with boiling water


Police in Moka City, Tochigi Prefecture, have arrested a 32-year-old man and his 39-year-old wife on suspicion of abusing their six-year-old son by scalding him with boiling water.

According to police, the incident occurred during a week-long period in mid-May. Fuji TV reported Teruki Mayama and his wife Mayumi, who were arrested on Monday, have denied the charge.

The boy's teacher at school noticed burn marks on the boy and notified police.

Police said they suspect the couple of abusing their son after a hospital reported burn marks on the boy's back and stomach, as well as marks on his wrists, indicating that he may have been tied up.

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Yeah! Tie him up and scald him with boiling water! That will teach him to behave himself! Please lock these maggots in a small dark room for a very long time and get this kid into an environment where he is cared for.

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It's just too sad for words. Who could do such a thing?

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I pray that this boy never sees his "parents" again and finds a good home.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

I read this too often on JT and wonder whether its because it gets reported or Japanese people have some profound attraction to abuse. I'm not trying to say this is just something that happens in Japan but these types of abuses seem to pop up too frequently. Maybe its because there is no outlet for perhaps not doing well at work, home, marital situation etc but whatever the reason I would like to see the govt spend money on dealing with this rather than spending money on changing the constitution etc.

Any other readers who work say in the social welfare area in Japan have any comments? I would like to know.


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@sandhonour I've never seen JT give us background or context on this, so we've no idea how statistics here compare with other countries. The percentage of abuse cases, or reported abuse cases, could be less or more and we'd never know it. Why do they throw up these stories so much? It could be because we read them rather than because they represent an epidemic. Without context, there's no way to tell, is there?

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This kid deserves better parents than these misfits.

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Other countries are irrelevant. Worry about the country you live in. There are degenerates that exist in Japans society that have to dealt with when it is known or their is suspicion that they are committing criminal acts towards others. I think in many cases it is more the failure of child/protective services and the police than the government. Possibly implementing harsh penalties when these groups dont act or follow-up accordingly when dealing with cases like the one above might help.

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People who hurt their own children are definitely sick.

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I don't consider myself to be overly sensitive, but these stories about children being abused, especially so sadistically, is heartbreaking. We know there's a small chance that this kid is going to be OK in the long run. Chances are slim that his parents will change, or the system will save him. I really empathize with the little guy's helplessness.

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For sure these are Pachinko addict mother and father

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According to other media, the husband is employed as a nurse, the abused boy was adopted, and the couple have three other children aged 2 to 17 years.

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Why? or the better question is HOW do you even do this to your OWN KID, and think its okay?

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"Where is the love, the love, the love..."

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I just read about a 25 year old man stabbing his mother to death after he had beaten her up once before. Now this?? Getting on this site now fills me with a sense of dread as I don't know what horror I will read about next.

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Well in Japan, guilty until proven innocent. Not my cup of tea.

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These parents are so mean, cruel, harsh and evil. Kids need to feel loved and secure, safe from danger, strong and be able to thrive.

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