Parents arrested over death of 3-year-old son


The parents of a three-year-old boy who died last December in Kyoto have been arrested on suspicion of fatally abusing the boy.

According to police reports, Jian Fujiwara lost consciousness at his home in Kyoto’s Ukyo Ward. A relative of his mother called 119 and said the boy had collapsed. Jian was taken to hospital where he died from head trauma two weeks later.

Police said the hospital reported that Jian had multiple bruises on his body which indicated he was bleeding under the skin aside from the head injury. Following an in-depth investigation, police this week arrested the boy’s father, Shinjo Fujiwara, 22, who is a company employee, and Jian’s 21-year-old mother, Shiori , who is unemployed, on suspicion of fatal abuse.

Police said Shinjo has denied the allegations of child abuse and quoted him as saying, “We never hurt Jian, but we did discipline him.” Shiori also denied the charge and said they never did anything to Jian that could be considered abuse.

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We never hurt Jian, but we did discipline him

How do you "discipline" a 3 year old?

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These are kids having kids. They were both high school age when the kid was born. I was a young father too, but my kids are now in their late 30's. However, Japanese kids are much less mature at 18 than other countries. They do not have the emotional maturity to cope with raring children and very often abuse and death of the child are the result.

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Jp law doesn't focus on the victims but the criminals and their reformation.

Well, we DON'T CARE how they rehabilitate and it's waste of money.

They kill children, they're entitled to NO EXCUSE.

Don't let this sort of tragedy happen again (at least not by the same devil) and save our money.

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Human trash, lock them up and insure they can't reproduce again. RIP little man.

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