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Parents charged over death of 3-month-old baby in January


The parents of a 3-month-old baby boy who died earlier in January, were arrested Sunday on charges of physical abuse resulting in death, police said Monday.

The suspects, Hiroyuki Abe, 21, and his wife, Chiyomi, 34, are believed to have regularly abused their newborn son Hayate by twisting his joints and breaking his arms on a number of occasions. Police suspect the abuse started approximately 3 weeks after the baby’s birth.

The baby was hospitalized last year in December after his parents called emergency services, telling doctors they mistakenly dropped him in the bathtub. Hospital staff, however, noticed multiple bruises on his body and notified the police. The baby died a month later.

According to police, the parents have denied any intent to harm their child.

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Whilst neither of these people are going to win parent of the year awards, the mother was only 12 weeks postpartum. Post natal psychosis or depression is more than possible. The man (and he is a man not a child, at 21) has no such mitigating circumstances. If they can prove that he was jealous of the child, then case closed. He should fry. If the woman shows no signs of post partum psychosis or depression, and she is proved to have had a hand in hurting the baby, she should hang too.

Netninja, if you dont like women, (the man you called fresh and energetic, the woman, a predator), then do the world a favor, make sure the women you are around KNOW that. Then they can choose if they want to be around someone so mysogynistic. Im sure this MAN was very energetic when he twisted his baby`s arm to breaking point.

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By publicizing this you are warning child abusers not to go to the emergency room.

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Hope the parents rot in hell.

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The child spent two months without being viewed by someone outside the family who could have stopped this.

The hospital noted the multiple broken bones after they got the kid in December. Based on the article it sounds like the child spent the remainder of December and January in the hospital until he died from his injuries. Authorities probably waited for all the autopsy results to come back before arresting the parents.

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lost = lots

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"...are believed to have regularly abused their newborn son Hayate by twisting his joints and breaking his arms on a number of occasions."

On a number of occasions? And the poor baby was only 12 WEEKS OLD! Who missed or ignored these alarm bells going off?

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They said on the news that the dad was jealous of the baby, thats why he did it. He even sent mails to his wife asking her "Who do you love more, baby or me?" Seriously, this only proves the idea I have about most young Japanese men(not all, most of them)- that they are raised to be totally egoistic and immature.

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The first signs are right here in the numbers. She's a 34 year old cougar -aka Makei-nu. The young man - too young for a baby.

I agree with almost everything you said, They ARE monsters, what they did IS horrific, and they deserve to swing for it ... but that thing you said about age... what a lot of tosh.

I know people of all ages (from teen parents to those in their 50s) who are great parents, terrible ones, or (more commonly) somewhere in between. The vast majority of people who have children "young" (in their teens or early 20s) do a stand up job of it. As do the vast majority of those in their 30s..

Unfortunately some people in Japan, and in the rest of the world for that matter, are just damn awful. It doesn't matter how old they are.

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And to think that they used to say that child abuse didn't happen in Japan... This is SO sad.

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Anyone care to argue against the death penalty if these two are guilty?

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Is there no hope for a week without this news?? I'm sick to the souls of my feet... I so much want to believe in reincarnation and that in the next form all these kidsare mega happy. RIP little angel.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is nearly impossible to break a babies (under 9months) bones by accident!! They bend so the only way is really by intent.

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I think the sheer horror of stories like these puts many people edge. I'd venture to guess we're all on the same page in saying we want these people to face justice for their crimes.

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His life was short and torturous, RIP little baby. Let us hope that the parents receive the punishment they deserve (and I'm not talking about jail time).

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This is horrible...if the allegations are true, what evil people. I feel so bad for poor little Hayate. RIP

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Personally i hope they rot in jail.

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I have a zero year-old daughter and this news makes me physically sick.

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"Is there any creature on Earth that hurts it's young other than Humans?"

Plenty. "Infanticide has been found in many species, including humans and other primates, cats, dogs, whales, rodents, insects and fish," according to one site on the web.

"Science has never proved that a woman's maternal instinct really exist."

That's not exactly true either. The Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Graduate School of Tokyo Metropolitan University did a study that indicates there is a connection between a mother and child that appears hardwired into the brain.

I'm not trying to lessen or downplay the heinous nature of this alleged abuse, but it doesn't help to muddy the situation with suggestions that all women, and humans for that matter, are ticking bombs waiting to kill their own children, as it it were something only we were capable of.

The reasons these two did what they allegedly did is not rooted in them being human, but rather them being them.

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Rest in Peace. The only sensible verdict would be life - without release - for these two evil child-killers. But I fear the sentences will be much, much less.

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Let's keep in mind it's alleged abuse, people. But if true, it's beyond comprehension, total loony tunes.

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There's no way this went down without someone noticing the early warning signs. The first signs are right here in the numbers. She's a 34 year old cougar -aka Makei-nu. The young man - too young for a baby.

Is there any creature on Earth that hurts it's young other than Humans?

A 34 year old WOMAN and a fresh energetic young man. I sense this relationship started over one too many Highballs. This is Mickey and Malory Knox here. These two snakes should've never come together. Of course, JTs fine reporting gives us little to go on.

Of course, I feel both of them should see some time behind bars and HOPEFULLY psychiatric help. I'm sure this ordeal has been traumatizing for them.

Science has never proved that a woman's maternal instinct really exist. There is no specific redeeming quality that proves a woman will automatically be more qualified to care for / raise children than a man. Mark my words carefully.

It's all part of society's design and does not reflect on gender. The woman in this case was 34. This 21 year old kid was nothing more than a sperm donar, unqualified to handle children. Both deserve punishment of some sort but it's going to be unfair. NPA will throw the book at the 21 year old kid. The woman.....well.....my bet is she'll claim she's bipolar, say something like she was under this man's spell, get off with a slap on the wrist.

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"According to police, the parents have denied any intent to harm their child."

So... they figure breaking arms and twisting joints is 'caring' and not harm? Sick people. Sadly they probably won't get much if any time in the klink. Poor baby... a three-month life of torment before death.

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