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Parents of slain Vietnamese girl return to Japan


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Sad and painful. My heart goes with the victim's parents. It is my wish and prayer that a heinous crime doesn't happen. May she RIP.

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The head of the local PTA...if this is true, and he is guilty, he should burn in hell! I volunteered with the PTA when my daughter went to a Japanese ES, I was involved for 6 years, and was the vice-president when she graduated, the point is that we as PTA members have a duty to protect everyone's child and it is unfathomable to me that this guy would do this to this child.

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Cor the pain must be... woof i cant even begin to fathom. I have a little girl and think i would just crumble in this position. I also would like to get face to face with the perp. bit of a tangent but i kind of think he picked her as she was not Japanese... May it be a hot day in hell when he arrive if proven guilty with no dodgy forced confessions or moody evidence.

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“It has been tough since my daughter Lihn died.”

Understatement of the year; poor devil.

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“I also want to talk him directly,” he said."

I wish they would let that happen with him handcuffed and unattended. Jerk would get right what he deserves. I have sympathy for a lot of people with mental issues, but not for child rapists and child killers.

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linh is very lovely child ...

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The sad human gene.


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I feel for these parents. Going home with all her things still there, but not her, would make for such an empty feeling.

I doubt I would have come back to Japan myself. Peace be with them.

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No consideration whatsoever for this maggot. He will rot in prison, good. His family will suffer. Will they suffer more than the family of the girl that had her life snuffed out by this P.O.S. ? No. He is the most perfect candidate for the noose, but unfortunately he doesn't qualify and will spend the rest of his pointless days eating up the taxpayers yen. Hurry up and die you fraud.

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I could also question the usage of word "slain" instead of simply "murdered". Why the use of more sophisticated english word in a news article? Besides, as far as I am concerned, "slain" is mostly used in relation to animals or fiends, also someone wicked, e.g. criminals. If you know better, that is fine, if not, take it down.

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I also want to talk him directly,

If it was my granddaughter he had killed, I'd want to talk to him directly too, with an aluminum bat

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This is every parents worst nightmare.

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