Parents referred to prosecutors over death of baby left in bathtub


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The 33-year-old father has told investigators he left the baby unattended because he "wanted time to play games," while his wife, 36, has said she did not say anything to him because she did not want to upset him, according to the police

What a selfish littke man-child. I’m sure Japan will see more of these kinds of neglectful deaths of children as the generation who never got older than 12 become adults.

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Life in prison is too good for them. Neuter the pair of them.

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Death penalty.

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I agree with belrick. Sterilze both of them and let them live out their days alone and die a lonely death with nothing but the memory of "games" left behind.

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How can you be not arrested but be referred to prosecutors?

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routinely bathed her for an hour or two without turning on a ventilation fan to make her sweat and lose weight,

This is horrifying.

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Why does a 11-month old baby need to lose weight?

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@Do the Hustle

This type of incidents happen all over the world.

Want to compare mortality rate as a whole? Crime rate? Gun violence?

Lets compare to other countries and see where Japan stands, instead of blaming an entire generation of Japanese over the sin and crime of one couple. Dumb

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"The police withheld their names as they were not arrested." Why were they not arrested? It's murder an arrest-able crime in Japan?

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This is neglect, so why haven't they been arrested?

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AlexBecu, Comparing will not bring abused and neglected children back to life. Another country having a bigger problem in no way makes me feel better about the problems in Japan. Let's focus on a solution and not the problem.

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