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Password breach spreads beyond LinkedIn


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Just changed my LinkedIn password - just to be safe :)

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Me too Its a nusiance, I have so many password changes I keep forgetten them

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Just closed mine. I wasn't really using it that much to start with and this whole thing just gave me the push in the back I needed to get rid of it.

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changed mine yesterday, but will keep tabs on my account to be sure nothing strange happens.

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-Don't share passwords amongst diff web properties. -Use a password managers such as lastpass of 1password or passpack. Lastpass has a FF and Safari plugin. -Use Strong passwords 20+ char of alphanum and non-alphanum chars; don't think concatenating several words will help. Use two-factor auth when available. -Websites need to move away from easy to compute hashing like SHA-1 and MD5. Use something like bcrypt, at least.
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A friend of mine posted on Facebook earlier today in response to this report:

"Now some Russian hacker knows my LinkedIn password. That makes one of us."

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why you should not use crdit cards not even bank cards

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The problem with some sites is that you don't even need to crack their password, but rather crack the security answers used to recover someone's password. Generally easier if you know something about the person.

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I got an email from Linkedin about this, from "donotreply (at) e.linkedin.com" Is this kosher? Think I'll dump linkedin anyway, just more shite like facebook

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Got an email from them saying "we have reason to believe that your password was included in the post."

Glad I took care of that problem in a most definitive way.

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