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Penalties for drivers using cell phones to be toughened with jail terms


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What’s about driving while watching TV. I see many drivers not turning their tv off. This is disturbing

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Place some cops at any busy intersection to monitor this and I suspect the jails would be full by nightfall.

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I just drove to the station. While I was sitting at the signal three out of ten drivers were talking on their phones. One was a huge truck.

Penalties mean nothing without serious enforcement.

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This will not be enforced by police.

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A step in the right direction by does nothing unless enforced

How about also introducing red light cameras?

At just one major intersection near my house almost every time the light changes at least 4 - 10 vehicles go through the red light! Yes... up to ten! Crazy! And some are speeding very fast to get through.

Red light camera with ¥30,000 fines... would pay for a lot road maintenance.

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It won't deter people. There's an attitude in Japan of "Oh it won't happen to me!"

Worse than cellphone use, why not stiffer penalties for letting kids stand up in a moving vehicle? Or Or how about driving with lights off in the rain or dark? I guess we'll never see harsher penalties for red light jumpers either!

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How about enforcement of all these infractions?

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When I was driving for "AAFES" on Okinawa (a small 2Ton truck) virtually EVERY DRIVER on the road was either Texting or Talking on their phones. Yes something needs to be done.

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I applaud this decision as it is insane that number of people driving and using their phones, especially for texting, but what really bugs me, is that people think it is fine to just pull off to the side of a busy road to talk on the phone. It causes traffic jams, people get impatient and try to pass making roads even more dangerous.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, tougher penalties. Big flipping deal! It’s just a hollow threat with no enforcement. I drive nearly every day and at least half (or more) of the drivers I see are using their phones. People are not going stop using them until there is some action to enforce it. This change in legislation is only to give more severe penalties to those who get caught by having an accident - after the fact! In Australia, they have plain clothes police standing at intersections waiting for one of these careless twits to pick up their phone. In Japan, they make tougher penalties and wait for somebody to get killed.

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J drivers couldnt care less about 'stiffer' penalties, they know they won't get caught. Until J cops do their job a vast majority of drivers will continue to break traffic rules with impunity.

Roads here are a free-for-all; no indicators, texting/talking on the phone while driving, middle-of-the-road drivers, running red lights, not stopping at pedestrian crossings etc is the norm.

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well if this passes there will be a lot of people in jail! They stiffened fines for drinking and driving but it’s still happens!

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This is good, 0k NPA, lets add, if you are riding a bicycle on the road and using a Keitai.. are you not also a vehicle?

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While I see the point behind this push, Japan is focusing on the wrong thing as usual! The comment above makes some good points and examples (un-buckled kids in moving cars, driving dangerously on the roads) . What about those cars with TVs built in? Isn't that a distraction? Many accidents are also caused by other distractions (extremely bright car lights).

The number of traffic accidents that have led to injuries and deaths due to the use of mobile phones hit 2,832 last year, marking a 50 percent increase from 2012. Of the total accident figure, 40 were fatal

What about the about of accidents resulting in death caused by drunk driving? Hence the reason I said he focal points are in the wrong places. I'm not defending these distracted drivers, but there's bigger issues to deal with.

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Speaking from experience, the police departments would make a whole lot of revenue if they monitor the expressways 24/7. On average, I see 2-3 people texting or doing something (not speaking) on their cellphone within a 20-30km stretch on expressways. That's me passing them (I guess they don't realize they are doing 20-30kph under the limit) or them passing me. (I guess they don't realize they are doing 20-30kph or more over the limit)

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Adding more blunt teeth to the laws? Coz that's what it is. Cops never enforce the laws so...

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What a massive cash cow this could be for the J-cops,-one day they will see the light....

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Increased penalties would seem a good idea, tests have shown that talking on a phone while driving is way more distracting than listening to a radio or normal conversation. You are actually safer if mildly drunk than if you are on the phone!! (yes that surprised me as well).

Also agree that without enforcement any law is pointless.

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I don't even like people walking while looking at their smartphone screens.

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New traffic laws are usually enforced in April then it is a free for all from May-March.

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Not sure if the prison stuff is the best idea..., maybe takes the driver licence away for few days and a fine.

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calls for tougher penalties have been growing particularly after a fatal accident in 2016 that saw a 9-year-old boy die after being hit by a truck whose driver was playing the popular smartphone game Pokemon Go.

Probably the only good thing that ever came out of Pokemon Go.

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I bet this law doesnt get enforced, just like when people run red lights all the time here or never stop at a Zebra crossing.

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It still brings the problem back to that person who use the phone or smartphone.

Many are so self-righteous that they do not think of themselves enough and of others to control themselves.

It all starts with personal and social values.

It is difficult for one to respect others when they cannot respect themselves. And for many, that goes to not respecting the law until they break it and get caught.

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Nothing will happen a few will get caught but it will still be rampant, Truck drivers are the worst, just look at them at the stop lights how many times have I had to blow my horn because the driver in front of me had their face in a phone, ( I could see them in their side mirror).

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Speaking on a phone is the same as speaking to a passenger. But texting or playing games, 3 months in the clink.

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