Philippine investigators seek to pursue charges against gambling tycoon Okada


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Sorianos in PI seem to have lots of $$ and power, hmmm...I wonder how they will get out of this mess?? Okada have fun!

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All they need is bribe to shut up......those officers wont talk about any details and he will be back in business.

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Okada is the "pachinko" tycoon of Japan. Good for the Philippines.

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2 billion dollars, the Philippines should jump for joy!!! When is the last time anyone invested 2 billion dollars in the Philippines. They will get them jobs, tourists and entertainment. Every foreign businesses big and small in the Philippines try to get around this 60/40 split. That 60% quite often is nothing but a shell on papers. Most likely the foreign firms set up another set of agreements outside of the Philippines to hold collateral over those 60% or what not.

That's why the Philippines is such a hell hole for their own people. They will never develop into something significant with a few rich guys holding on to all political powers.

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It appears to me that Okada did not do his homework and properly bribe all the right people or else we would not be reading this story!

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Philippines has been proposed from many corporations to establish their factories there, These factories employ, more people and generate plenty of tax. It seems that bribe targetted people or organizations reported on Okada's activity.

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The Sorianos are another run-of-the-mill clan of miscreants like the Cojuangco-aka Aquino family clan in cahoots with the other ruling elitist creeps Lopezes, Tans, Marcos-Romualdez and other criminal cretin, inbred moronic clans who control the whole stinking, rotten archipelago with strong arm tactics, bribery, extortion, thuggery, murder, thievery, and EVERY diabolical and nefarious method ever concocted on earth...... nice company of Nobel Laureates, eh??

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