'Pink Panther' thief sent home for trial over Tokyo heist


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jewellery worth hundreds of millions of dollars in nearly 30 countries over the past decade, including 3.5 billion yen worth of gems from another Ginza shop in 2004.

He could have had a happy life with all these millions years ago but he wanted more ...

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what why would japan do that? lol seems like some back door deal

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Japanese relying on foreign justic? I'm shocked!

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National justice system, no longer self-dependant. Only relying in the ones of the Post-Soviet eastern Europe

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have come this far, you are tired of stealing in Italy

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Why is his face not covered...?

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I love that Pink Panther theme song !!!!!!

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Thanks to this fool, the so called Pink Panther, my friend and I, both decent Mexicans walking around Ginza in suits, were stopped by the Japanese police! No diamonds on me!

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Elbuda Are you serious? Would love to hear about it since it's related to this topic.

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The gang was given its name after British detectives found a diamond ring hidden in a jar of face cream, echoing an incident in Peter Sellers’ 1963 comedy “The Pink Panther.”

Is this correct or have I got the movies mixed up. I always thought the diamond in the jar of face cream occurred in the movie with Maria Schell (she was the one who put it in the jar), in which case it was 1975.

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Nice... So above all this, where are the jewels and who has the money? If he gets sent home, doesn't that give him a chance to pay someone to get him out of jail? I am sure anything is possible if you have the cash in Montenegro. C'mon it's Europe... money is all you need to get out of any prison in Europe. This is all an inside job.... if not, a very lucky hand was played.

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