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Police appeal for help over unsolved 2000 murder of 17-year-old boy


Ibaraki prefectural police on Saturday appealed to the public for any information that might help them find four men who are suspected of killing a 17-year-old youth in a supermarket parking lot in Ushiku in May of 2000.

Police and the mother of the victim, Taiki Fujii, handed out flyers at the supermarket, convenience stores and railway stations in the vicinity of the crime scene, asking anyone with any information to come forward, NHK reported.

Fujii, a construction worker, was in the parking lot with his girlfriend early in the morning on May 4, 2000, when four youths picked a fight with him. The gang beat Fujii, then robbed him and fled. The girl was unharmed. Fujii died nine days later from brain contusions.

Police circulated portraits of the four suspects, based on descriptions given by the victim’s girlfriend, but there has been no breakthrough in the case.

Fujii’s mother, Yasuko, handing out flyers at a shopping center in Tsukuba, asked the public to help with any information, no matter how trivial it may seem. She said: "As time passes, I have a sense of crisis that the killers may not be caught.''

Anyone with any information is asked to call 0297-62-0110.

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I remember this case. They had pretty good video footage of the perps, so I thought they had caught them. The rumours at the time said one of the perps was connected (relative of the local police chief etc); maybe that is the case and explains it.

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rumours at the time said one of the perps was connected (relative of the local police chief etc); maybe that is the case

sounds about right.............


the cops in Ibaraki are completely useless.

or both?

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Swept under the carpet.

Time for justice!

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This murder has been handled in a terrible way really.

Those who are interested in knowing more about it can watch the excellent information video put together by KyotoRobato (one of the few foreign content creators I like on YT)


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DDK - thanks for posting the link.

This story of a senior police connection has been put out before, but the you tube clip clarifies many small details.

Something rotten in the state of Ibaraki.

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