Police arrest 3rd suspect in 7pay theft case


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They still have no idea what happened and chasing the wrong people.

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They still have no idea what happened and chasing the wrong people.

Start with the little fish and work their way up.

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They'll need to spread a large net to catch all involved

Yu told investigators she had received a message from a Chinese friend

Was the friend in China or another country?

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Inside job.

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Inside job.


Like, I said all along:

Most likely it was an inside job or physical hack. 

They just arrested a female Chinese part-time worker at 7-Eleven. She helped the "hackers" commit the crime.


haha funny you are trying to teach an actual security expert on hacking but it doesn't involve inside or physical hack... its extremely widespread to get id details, cc details are widely hacked and available and so on

Ha! Security expert......right! Everything I posted in the previous article was correct.

Most likely it was an inside job or physical hack. Most real world hacking involves having some kind of physical access to the machines or people being targeted. It really isn't like the movies where you see some socially awkward person hidden in a basement thousands of miles away with several computer screens running data too fast for the human eye to actually read.

I wouldn't call two people a criminal hacking gang. It is more like two folks living in Japan trying to make a fast buck because the fast food and convenience store jobs you get while enrolled in a language school ain't cutting.

People who deal in data on hacking forums obtaining that information through people who actually had inside or physical access. Almost all of the cases in Japan of hacking has been through physical or inside hacking. The credit card scam a few years ago involved the gang purchasing south african CC#'s that was shown to be an inside job.

Just because you see the final product (stolen data) doesn't mean you understand all the steps in the chain. Most real hacking involves a physical or inside component to the hack. Even malware and viruses needs the victim to willing agree to download the files(inside).'t-urges-seven-eleven-to-take-preventive-measures-after-7pay-fraud

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