Police arrest 9 over website with links to pirated comics


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The Haruka Yume no Ato website contained links for other sites hosting pirated popular comics such as "Dragon Ball" and "One Piece."

No argues that stealing other works and selling it for profit is illegal. However, they have no case if their website didn't contain any of the copyrighted material. Simply telling people where to find it on the internet is not a crime.

I hope these guys don't cave.

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If only they were this vigilante against prc & russian hackers.

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When will they arrest Google executives for displaying links to "pirated" content?

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"Those who upload the pirated works are believed to receive payments depending on traffic volume, while link sites raise money through online ADVERTISING and membership fees."

Doesn't antenna TV work the same way (show is paid for through commercials)? If you don't have cable, you can watch shows for free just have to endure the onslaught of commercials. Why isn't this the SOP for the internet?

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didn't upload or hold the host website? so arrested? just posted links? i guess that means posting links in japan is illegal.

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Being an accomplice equals guilt. They’re helping steal IP getting money on the click-through or on ‘membership’ - and yes they’re the little fish. The big bad guys might never get arrested too.

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