Police arrest another Chinese man over 7pay fraud


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Good job NPA

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Rather than victim blaming (which is easy because the 7Pay team obviously left some security holes and were clearly not competent in managing this project), lets focus on the scumbags who saw the security hole and decided to try to STEAL from innocent people. What sort of upbringing do you have to have in order to think this is a good idea?

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its poinltess to shame the thieves oh and they steal not from innocent people but from credit card companies and banks... that dont worry , thankfully make a killing out of your financials.

his money will be reimbursed ,there are no real victims in this story really .. bad programming and security practices and thats it really ... any credit damage will be covered by the insurance too.

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Well it's obvious that the company is responsible for reimbursing the money to the customers who's IDs and passwords were stolen. Negligent on the part of Seven & i Holdings Co to not have proper security measures in place prior to starting this 7pay system. As for the Chinese individuals arrested I say after prison deport them. Japan doesn't need foreigners committing crimes in Japan and making life more difficult for the Japanese people. let the foreigners go back and committee crimes in their own country.

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Lock him up, let him serve the full sentence, deport useless self back to the other scammers in China.

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Carton or box (groups of cartons)? ¥50.000 ($500) pretty steep for 10 cartons (10 cigs each).

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haha funny you are trying to teach an actual security expert on hacking but it doesn't involve inside or physical hack... its extremely widespread to get id details, cc details are widely hacked and available and so on

I told you it was an inside job! Physical hacking is one of the most common types of hacking.

Security Export, where are you? LOL!

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So, we had Chinese neighbors where we live before, wife was often asked to purchase diapers, and was given 1000yen as "reward".

I'm just guessing here, but I think the modus operandi is like this. So the hack was done by entities in China and they wechat it to friends of friends of friends who happen to be in Japan, ask them to buy stuffs with the hacked account, with rewards of course. If you think about it, Chinese in Japan are sleeper cells (maybe involuntary) for hacker groups in China.

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Its one thing arresting those who were deemed to have taken advantage of the poor security, but how about arresting those who left those gaping holes in the first place... they are the Criminals who should not be left to create further security holes at other Companies without first having been properly reeducated.

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mmwkdw, i suspect that entire team was restructured. But who should get the blame here? The low level developers who only worked on individual modules? The development manager who decided to implement the separately developed 7pay app into their existing members app (where the security hole allowing you to specify an alternative email address to recover your password was probably already present, but posed no real threat)? The bucho that approved that decision to combine the apps to save time? or the CEO that pressured the IT team to get their solution out the door ASAP? Arrest all of them?

And in that sense, should women who wear sexy clothes also be charged if she gets attacked?

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afano, the whole team responsible for product + the supposed external oversight advisors should be sacked .

that is how it works.

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Fair enough on the being sacked. But being arrested as mmwkdw suggested is a bit over the top.

People make mistakes, there was no ill intent behind it. There was ill intent behind those who took advantage of those mistakes.

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