Police arrest man for brandishing knife at Docomo HQ in Tokyo


Police in Tokyo have arrested a 65-year-old man after he brandished a kitchen knife at staff at the NTT Docomo headquarters located in Chiyoda Ward on Tuesday.

According to police, Hiroshi Oyama entered the office located in the Sanno Park Tower just before 1 p.m. TBS reported that he approached a 50-year-old company employee and brandished a knife with a 20-cm-long blade and said: "You're not even worth my time. I could kill you right here right now."

A security guard subdued Oyama who was quoted by police as saying that he went to the company office with a complaint regarding his service charges.

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urgh.. no grievance redressal mechanism that he cud use instead of taking the grudge too far? he cud have easily switched service providers too.

not sure if consumer courts exist and are effective in Japan.

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WOW .... he had the nerve to do that at the HQ of the NTT Docomo headquarters located in Chiyoda Ward. Chiyoda Ward or Chiyoda-ku is an upscale aristocrat business district , very close to the "imperial palace" sheesh....

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I can understand his rage, but the knife was over the top. How many brain cells have I lost in docomo shops?

Try changing the contract from one person to another...

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NTT is the worst high-profile company in Japan. Arrogant, extortionist, with poor service, pocketing people's deposits. I sympathize.

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Well, he won't have to worry about his service charges anymore. No phones in jail!

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Customer feedback right there.

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Had you ever had to deal with their customer service? Based off of his actions, I say he definitely did.

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Although I feel his frustration (with cell phone companies), I can't condone his actions. Kudos to the security guard who subdued him.

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@StormR - Customer feedback right there.

I shouldn't laugh, but that's funny.

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