Brazilian man admits raping Japanese woman before killing her


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I agree with you P.Smith.

He would stay for a while, then, released for good behavior. This is the reality from Penal Code in Brazil. And this, obvious, s*cks.. But, let's wait what the police will decide about him. He is a monster.

I feel sorry for her to look after John of God, who was accused for abuses and other things.

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When you are desperate for a cure to an ailment, it can lead you into making dubious choices and so many people out there look to take advantage of that. RIP.

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This poor woman. Sucked in by a con-man, then raped and murdered afterwards. This all with cancer from a nuclear accident.

Life was not nice to her. Rest in peace.

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What a nice strawman argument!!!

"When you are desperate for a cure to an ailment, it can lead you into making dubious choices"

Blame the victim. I wonder if you would be writing that if the victim were a foreigner and the suspect were Japanese.

Everyone has a role to play in any interaction. Depending on the situation, some roles are more impactful than others.

In these situations, people usually cannot control or decide what others do. They can only make decisions concerning themselves. Identifying the decisions that the woman made that played apart in this unfortunate situation is not victim blaming.

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Nuclear accident? Was she in the Fukushima plant in 2011? I don’t even know what a nuclear accident is other than a meltdown or an A-bomb

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No one was blaming this poor women who had cancer. I understand that we all make bad decisions when we are under extreme pressure. I just would hope that she had friends to talk with that might help her with her decision making process at such a critical time in her life. Where did her friends and family fit into this mix?

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Where did her friends and family fit into this mix?

Sometimes it's hard to share/open up with friends and family, sometimes people don't want to burden others.

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@Gaijinland, apparently she was in Fukushima at the time of the 2011 meltdowns.

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Akamatsu moved to the city of Abadiania to seek treatment for her skin cancer after she survived the 2011 nuclear accident in Japan. 

Investigative journalism from the mainstream media here is highly missed, without which people

get the impression that apart from those displaced from their homes there were no cancer related issues resulting from the accident. Hope the TVs could reduce some of the food and quiz programs and report on

real issues.

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zichi - Skin cancer is caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Skin cancer develops primarily on areas of sun-exposed skin, including the scalp, face, lips, ears, neck, chest, arms and hands, and on the legs in women.

Yes, you are correct, but it is a textbook generalization of skin cancer not all skin cancers are caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun. There are half a dozen different types of skin cancer. Some can be moles that turn into melanomas and don’t have to be exposed to the sun. I had a mate that died of melanoma in his mid-30’s. The mole was on the sole of his foot. Skin cancer can also be caused by exposure to radiation.

This lass seemed to be chasing a miracle cure. I went to a skin specialist about my skin cancers in Japan. He had never seen one before. He disappeared for ten minutes with half a dozen student doctors. They all got their phones out and started taking pictures. I was disgusted! I have since returned to Australia and have been receiving successful treatments for my skin cancers.

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What a sad story, may she rest in peace....

Glad they caught the guy who did this, just awful!!!

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It’s obvious not so much human, so they should hang it higher, before it’s ever sent back again into the streets.

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18-year old rapists do not fare well in Brazilian prisons. I hope that Ms. Akamatsu's family will be able to bring her remains or ashes back to Japan so her family will have closure on this tragedy.

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Rape a desperate woman who's terminally ill with cancer and then brutally murder her.

It's so evil.

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