Police have footage of accused nurse lacing coworker's drink


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What scum. Not only is she trying to kill her co-workers, but also endangering all the people on the roads too. Lock her up for the rest of her miserable life!

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Investigators are also looking into a fatal car crash... of a 60-year-old female staffer... when her car... crashed into an oncoming vehicle.

There is no mention of a motive but I am sure that there will be a motive...

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Let me guess. She should remember as she wasn't drunk.

I guess she will go with the stress at work.

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I have just watched the scene in question on the Fuji TV recorded video. Yes, Hatano, 71 was apparently lacing colleague's drink with presumably a sleep-inducing drug or 睡眠導入剤. I was simply astounded that the nurse who supposedly take care of people did something inappropriate.

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What's up with these older women knocking off other people here? Unfulfilled live's maybe? Taking her twisted revenge somehow?


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work politics, you're doing it wrong...

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Put her in a room with the victims. How selfish of her.

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