Police identify first body in serial murder case


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Preying on people's sadness and vulnerability - I hope he lives a very long time in a very small dark room.

Anxiety, depression, grief, despair, mismanaged medication, can all lead to suicidal thoughts, be they fleeting or longer-lasting.

Thoughts and acts of suicide are not the be all and end all of any person - they represent a dark time in a life filled with other experiences and events.

People who talk of the victims as somehow being responsible in this terrible case, have no understanding of the world they are in or of the people they are living with.

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I hope he lives a very long time in a very small dark room.

He will, until his time is up, and he takes a short drop with a sudden stop. There's no way this guy won't get the death penalty.

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That the victims were (allegedly) people seeking someone to dispose of their lives for them, if true, represents a much larger problem that Japan refuses to address.

At any rate, this guy is a quite a dark figure that most definitely should not ever be released. What a sad way to go for the victims.

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Why are so many young women suicidal in Japan?

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Despite appearances, there are lots of seriously messed-up people in Japan (as well) and even without guns, they easily find their ways to murder others.

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@aemit2 - yes this is true. There are lots of messed up people in all countries as I think you are intending to say. As you have pointed out Japanese people are taught from a very young age to conform and not stand out. This socialization process has pros and cons. One of the cons is that it is truly hard to see through the outer shell (tatemae). After 2 decades here I still have difficulties seeing through this.

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