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Man arrested over murder of wife


A 50-year-old man was arrested early Wednesday over the murder of his wife who was last seen in mid-May.

According to police, Kaoru Nagaike did not turn up for work in Higashi-Osaka on May 20. Fuji TV reported that the company where she worked part-time received a phone call that morning from her husband Hiromi in which he said his wife was sick. He called the office again on May 21 and said, "She is quitting her job."

On May 24, one of Nagaike's co-workers contacted police who visited the woman's home. Nagaike's husband told police she had left to spend a few days with her parents but she never arrived. After that, Nagaike's husband went missing.

Video surveillance camera footage outside the apartment early on May 18 showed Nagaike's husband toting a big bag from the apartment.

Police said Wednesday that Nagaike was apprehended while making a call from a public phone in Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture.

He was quoted by police as saying that he resented his wife because she was too controlling but that he had not planned to kill her. Police did not reveal where Kaoru's body was abandoned.

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Three guesses what is inside the bag!

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Good god. He's trying to dump the body.

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Three guesses what is inside the bag!

how about only one lol

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

She was working, and presumably bringing home extra income. Maybe they really did separate. There would be things left behind, if she decided to leave.

Does she have any other relatives that the authorites could discretely contact?

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someone just dropped the ball

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The husband does not sound like a criminal mastermind. Alas, neither are the constabularies...

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No crystal ball needed here...

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EastAsiaForeignerMAY. 29, 2013 - 08:14AM JST Good god. He's trying to dump the body.

I think it is called abandoning the body in Japan. jk.

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Was he arrested for murder or was it for abandment of a body?

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Life imitating art. I think Alfred Hitchcock already made this film.

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Another case of "I love you to death."

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Many disappearing etc

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How tragic.

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Was he arrested for murder or was it for abandment of a body?

They're holding him on murder charges until they can get enough evidence for abandonment of a body.

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I love the reasons. They are, usually, so matter-of-fact.

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Wife complains and complains about everything you do every minute of the day. Controls the cash and tells you what you can and can't do, day in and day out. Multiple that by 25 years. Some men will break.

He should have divorced her instead of killing her though, then gotten himself a young 20year old hottie. Now he faces life in the big house.

Lesson here: Think before you do.

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Cameras everywhere.

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