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Historic Nagano temple marked with graffiti


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I am not a Japanese Citizen, but truly disgraceful that someone would deface such a building. I hope you catch those people.

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I have to agree, I don't much care for disrespect of of property. Hope they are caught. Maybe they should become monks....

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All it takes is one moron to ruin it for everyone. Now the temple will have to install considerable Security cameras to prevent similar incidents in future but these will further blight these historic temples..

5 ( +5 / -0 )

speaking of graffiti, it's showing up all over the place in tokyo. all along the yamonote line you can see it, and it makes my blood boil. catch them, make them clean it up, and then chop off their hands. ok, maybe the last part is extreme but you get the point.

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Unfortunate, but not life-ending. What's sadder than the graffiti is that if caught the criminals often face more serious charges than someone who commits murder in this nation. I DO hope they are caught, forced to clean it up, pay fines, and possibly do some jail time, but again -- not life-ending.

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I hate tagging and this is just mindless vandalism. However; graffiti can be a splendid thing and improve the environment or at least complement it, in cases.

But not on historic temples, obviously.

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Why call it alleged vandalism if there is graffiti

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I don't post these kind of stereotyping allegations, but here we go. There is a pattern of vandalism attacks on historic Japanese sites by the Chinese. The 2 Chinese women who are accused of going on a vandalism spree across Japan, and the vandalism and robbery of the Japanese temple in Taiwan. Lets be honest, most Chinese don't like the Japanese and vice versa. There are valid reasons why Chinese travellers wouldn't really care about damaging historic Japanese sites and the Chinese government don't extradite anyone accused of these kinds of crimes in Japan.

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